Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back Into Winter....Ughhhh

I know I shouldn't complain, it is January and it's supposed to be cold and snowy but, we've had such nice warmish weather that it just plain spoiled me! I miss the warmishness... and the lack of snow.

On Friday we got a butt load of snow!! Heaps and heaps of the fluffy white stuff! Thankfully it wasn't enough to stop Jennie and the kids and I from going to the MCC lectures in Cornwall. We had gone on Thursday and really enjoyed it and I was really looking forward to this session! The speaker was awesome and just so down to earth! The snow did stop my hubby from making it to work though. Out in the country the snow was blowing a bit more and the roads were not as good. I was glad to have him home. He did work from home though so it was nice that we were able to get out of his hair and let him concentrate. We extended his peaceful time by taking the kids to Scrawny Ronnies for lunch, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

We got home around 2 and the kids had quiet time for an hour and a half and just an hour after that Marko was done work and we were right into the weekend! :) It has been a nice quiet weekend. Friday night I went to the evening lectures with our friend the time it was over the weather had gotten much worse and I was very thankful that Troy drives a 4 by 4 vehicle!!

On Saturday we did our groceries and puttered around the house. That evening Marko went out to play games with some friends and Jennie came over here. We watched Sherlock Holmes...such a great movie! I love the cinematography! We also played Rummikub.

Today was a pretty quiet Sunday with just going to church and having our traditional waffles for lunch! Yummy! I especially like it since this is Marko's specialty!

Emma-Lyn playing in one of the slides at McDonald's playplace.

Lotsa lovin for the big clown himself! :)

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