Thursday, January 07, 2010

Finding Moments and Making the Most of Them

It's another quiet moment right now so I thought I'd post again! Thank you Sassy_Canuck for reading this blog and posting your nice to know that people are still reading and looking for updates. :)

The kiddos and I had a fun day. Emma-Lyn went swimming with Auntie Linda this morning which she really enjoyed! Meanwhile, Sean and I did some school time together. We started a new learning game using the Scrabble tiles. I've really enjoyed playing Scrabble on Facebook so to play a fun mini game with Sean was great! I've already got plans on how to make special homemade board for this too. :)

This afternoon Sean, Emma-Lyn and I had a super fun time playing Hide and Seek. Sean is getting quite good at it while Emma-Lyn hasn't quite caught on to the concept. As soon as I finish saying, "Ready or not, you shall be caught!" She's jumping out of her hiding spot just squealing with delight. Then she comes with me to go find Sean.

This fall Sean joined Cubbies, it's the youngest age group for Awana. He was a little late getting in so he had some catching up to do. Last night he was able to share the 7 verses and references he had memorized for his leader. She was impressed that he knew them so well and their references. He is quite a bright little lad to be sure! :) I'm so proud. And today I got to sew his little badges on his vest. :)

Tonight I went over to Jennies with Nate in tow and had a fun time chatting and playing Rummikub...another fun game to get addicted to and I might be able to play with Sean to some degree. I think he'd really like it since numbers have been his favourite thing to learn.

So now the weekend is quickly coming up and I'm looking forward to hanging out with some of the gals tomorrow night (again with Nate in tow) and just having fun and drinking Pepsi! Or as we like to call it liquid life. :)

Here is Sean in his Cubbie vest and carrying his Cubbie bag, looks pleased as punch!

Little Nate sleeping awkwardly in his bouncy seat.

And here's my girl Emma-Lyn wearing her rain boots on the wrong feet while straddling the play kitchen in the middle of the living room! :) Gotta love her!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

Wow Sean! 7 verses! I am impressed!