Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Look At Me, I'm Posting Again!!!

And it's not like I have a whole lot to write about but, Sean is away to Cubbies, Emma-Lyn is in bed and Nate is snoozing as well. I may as well take this opportunity to actually post something to the ol' blog. :)

Well we're half way through the work week after the holidays and things are going pretty well. Marko and I both have colds and Emma-Lyn is just getting over hers. I seem to be losing my voice at the moment but otherwise I feel fine. Marko is feeling a little worse for wear but then he has a long commute to work on slushy roads which probably doesn't help.

I got a new cookbook from my sister in law and have already tried out one of the recipies. It's a sugar cookie recipe and it's much better than my old one. It made a lot of dough!! It wasn't until the kiddos and I were cutting out the cookies that I realized that the recipe made ONE HUNDRED cookies!!! I didn't end up making that many. I must get more cookie cutters though! :)

I've also managed to fix up some of our furniture as it seems a fair amount of it is falling apart at the seams! I sewed the arm of the recliner (which the kids seemed to enjoy pulling the stuffing out of. I also patched up a small hole on our blue couch and sewed all the little holes on the ottoman cushion! It's great to be so productive and finally do things that so badly needed being done! :) You know what else is nice? To actually write a lesiurely post on here. I like that too! :)

I finally put Nate in an outfit rather than a sleeper! And my does the lad look so grown up and super sweet!! :)

I think he's gonna be another thumb sucker. Sean wasn't one but Emma-Lyn is.

He is quite the smily guy and starting to giggle these days.

Pretty handsome fella if I do say so myself! :)

This is at Grammie MacKinnons on New Years day. From left to right are: Matthew, Savana (baby), Zoey, Zach, Emma-Lyn and Sean.

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Sassy_Canuk said...

Emma-Lyn is such a big kid now! Nate is so adorable :) I think he looks quite like Daddy. Hope you get lots more of these quiet moments. I miss your blog!