Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Welcome 2010! Here's hoping I'm able to blog at least once week every week of the year!! :)

We had a wonderful Christmas and had a great time with friends for New Year's Eve.

Sean and Emma-Lyn were quite excited about Christmas this year, Sean especially so. He kept wanting me to tell him about Christmas and what exactly was going to happen in the morning. Every morning he wanted to know if this was the one when he got to open his stocking! :) They both loved the Christmas tree and all the pretty lights and decorations. We didn't bother putting the presents under the tree until Christmas Eve and the kiddos were in bed, figured the temptation might be too much for them.

We went out a few times to look at all the different light displays. There is quite a spectacular display in North Rustico. Supposedly you can see it from space, National Lampoon's Christmas has nothing on this place!! The kiddos loved it!

Some funny points of the holidays: While I was preparing our Christmas Eve crock pot lasagna dinner I found out that I had no beef and so sent Marko out to get some...on Christmas Eve! Poor fella, but he did well and while in Christmases past we've had a turkey given to us we thought maybe this year we weren't getting one and so Marko picked up a chicken to be sure we had something to carve into on Christmas day. Well he wasn't home 10 minutes when our 22 pound turkey was dropped off!!! It was HUGE! It barely fit in the fridge let alone the roasting pan. But come Christmas day it was absolutely delish!!

We did a lot of visiting over the holidays and enjoyed some time at home with good friends too. All in all we have truly enjoyed this Christmas and look forward to what awaits us this coming year! :)

This is just part of the place in North Rustico, their entire lawn is lit up with different decorations.

Our little Christmas tree awaiting the joy of Christmas morning.

Unloading their Christmas stockings. Yay, Sean got underwear! ;)

This is some serious business!!

Trying on her new pink pjs!

Our little Santa man! :)

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