Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Baby Girl Turned Two!!

How could it be that my sweet little girl is now two?!! She is just so much fun and so sweet! This evening at supper, not only did she repeatedly lean over to give me hugs and kisses, she also held me while she quietly prayed over me! It was so lovely and her cute and emphatic, "Amen" is heavenly!

We had a great day celebrating with her. I had decorated the living room in pink balloons and white streamers, which she seemed quite pleased with. She and Sean spent some quality time bursting some of the balloons this evening :)

We went to Swiss Chalet for lunch with Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda. Emma-Lyn wasn't too keen on her hotdog and some of it landed on the floor but still it was fun. After lunch we came back here for cake and presents. Sean was so funny, he wanted to do everything for Emma-Lyn. He wanted to open the presents, play with the presents and blow out the candles. Emma-Lyn was having none of that! We got her a stroller, a little tea set, a pair of Princess slippers and her own toy box. Auntie Linda gave her one of her dollies that she used to play with when she was little as well as a highchair for it. Grammie Peric gave her a really nice magnetic drawing pad as well as some other nice gifts. Gramma and Grampa Hope gave her a nice outfit and of course, Smarties!! She was overjoyed with the Smarties discovery and wanted them opened post haste!

I thought it was funny how much Sean wanted to play with Emma-Lyn's stroller and the tea set. He insisted on making tea for everyone. :)

Now for the pictures...I'll have to get some of the videos up too.

Nothing quite like a Smartie smile!

Mmmm, birthday cake!

Here she is with her doll and highchair, wearing her pretty pink princess slipers and the shirt that Auntie Linda got her as well as the butterfly headband we got her.

Sean and Emma-Lyn playing with the magnetic drawing pad.

And I just thought this was a cute pic!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

Awww Happy Birthday, Emma-Lyn!