Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Has Gotta Be A New Record For Me...

I haven't posted this often in a very long time!! It's nice to find the time and actually post a few pictures and share some of the things that are going on around here. I have some videos I'll have to post sometime too. I'm sure you'd love to see Sean in his Christmas concert.

Today I just have a couple pictures that I thought you'd all enjoy. The kids were ridiculously cute today and the camera was handy so I took a few fun shots. :)

Sean and Emma-Lyn cuddlin' up on the couch together.

Sean and Emma-Lyn being goofballs on the couch.

My three sweet men!
Sean really wanted to hold Nate himself. Nate looks Ginormous in this picture!

And this is my favourite shot! VICTORY!!!

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Sassy_Canuk said...

You have such awesomely cute children! I especially like that last picture of Nate :)