Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well, Here I Am Again! Can You Believe It?!!

Wow, no posts for long stretches at a time and now this!! It is another quiet evening here, 2 out of 3 kiddos are in bed, the other is here at my feet happily sitting in his bouncy seat. Marko is out with our friends and the house is peaceful and quiet, a great time to sit down and blog.

Last night I got to go out with the girls and I had a wonderful time stuffing my face full of chocolates and drinking Pepsi. And then we decided it would be a good idea to try out the Wii...specifically the Wii Fit...this may have been our undoing. Two of us found out that we are beyond our fitness years by a fairly large margin! (Apparently I'm a 33 year old living in a 45 year old's body!!! EEEK!) And I found out that I have at least 15 pounds to lose. I wanted to lose some of this left over baby weight anyways but wow, didn't know it was that bad! :) So guess what I'm doing right this minute? Eating choclate...yep might as well put on a pound or two more and then get down to the business of getting the whole lot of them of right?!!! :)

Jennie and I had already taken up walking again together before we found out how terribly unfit we were, but now we have some great motivation to drop those pesky pounds. We had been to the track and I took Nate with me and put him in the snuggly as we made our rounds. He slept peacefully as I walked and even attempted to use the stationary bike (I do not recommend using the bike while wearing your baby...kept bumping his little bum with my knee.)

Today was a busy day just doing grocery shopping and such. It is interesting trying to do these things with three kids instead of just two...really have to have eyes on the back of your head to keep track of everyone. I'm thankful that Nate can't get around on his own yet!

It's breakfast time and Sean is all smiles!

Emma-Lyn on the other hand, felt that her regular toddler spoon was a bit on the small side and went for something a bit bigger...
Apparently it works quite well if a bit awkward.

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