Sunday, February 07, 2010

My Little Guy is 3 Months Old Today!

How quickly the time passes eh?! Nate just continues to grow and is just such a little sweetie pie. He loves to smile and coo and watch his older siblings. He naps and sleeps like a trooper! Ya gotta love that! He's started going to bed now at around 8 or so and sleeps till midnight or a bit later and is up for a feeding and then down for a few hours again...Looking forward to when he can get through the whole night without waking up.

The older kiddos are also growing up and getting cuter with ever moment...but I'm not biased at all ;) The latest and greatest news was just on Friday when Sean told me that he had accepted Jesus into his heart! I know he's only 4 and probably doesn't get the whole thing but he seems pretty adamant about it and Marko was about the same age when he accepted Jesus! Like father like son, I guess! Emma-Lyn is quite the little instigator and decided to colour the kitchen tiles with green marker! I was ever so glad that it was with Crayola washable markers that she used! Sean also did his own artwork, this time with crayon and on his bedroom wall...this I wasn't so excited about but with a little elbow grease it was wiped clean as well.

This week looks busy with play dates and Valentine's Day coming up. Not quite sure what Marko and I will do to celebrate but I sure hope it involves some chocolate!! :) Oh who am I kidding, I hope it involves A LOT of chocolate! :) On a different note, I've started up doing Pilates again. I really would like to trim some flab around the ol' belly and I have a great Pilates video...It's Pilates for Dummies! It's just my speed and it's only a half hour long! So I'm sure eating lots of chocolate is going to help me with my goal eh?!! :)

Now for some random shots of my sweet little fam:

Daddy and son just hanging out together.

Marko bought me some roses (just cuz...he's so sweet like that) and I thought I do some fun photo shoots with the kiddos and the roses. This one of Nate is one of my more artsy fartsy ones.

How could you resist that sweetie?!

My sweet baby girl.

I LOVE her eyes!

And another artsy one.

And now for a bunch of candid shots of Nate.

A big Hope smile! :)
He really reminds me of Grampa Hope.

And now just a little stunned with an awesome spit string!

Again with the smile! I wasn't lying when I said he's smiling a lot!

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