Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Almost Spring!!!!

The weather has been sooooo delightful these past few days! I love it! So much more fun to take the kids outside when its warm out! We even have green grass!

Life with three kids certainly is interesting! Trying to get us all out the door on time always seems to be so chaotic! Can't wait till Nate is running around too! Eeek! Nate is a going concern though! He's starting to sit up by himself quite well these days. He just topples over to the side every once in awhile! He loves it when Emma-Lyn and Sean come over and play with him. He has started in with eating rice cereal and he really seems to like it...okay so the first go most of it landed on his bib and face but he's really eager to get this figured out. I have a couple pics for you to check that fun out!

Just some quick funny things the kids have said or done for ya:

1) I found a white/silver hair the other day! GASP And I was lamenting a wee bit about it and Sean was all like "Mom, that is soooo cool! You have white hair!!!" LOL

2)Emma-Lyn is quite the tactile girl! She loves to touch her food. She is particularly fond of mushing up anything into the table! She also enjoys playing play dough with her feet!

3) Emma-Lyn has figured out how to undress herself...found her in the morning completely starkers!! Then later in the morning, after she had been dressed, she went ahead and took off her poopy diaper and came to show Daddy who was all like WHAT?!! Thankfully she had thrown the dirty diaper in the bathroom trash can instead of deciding to decorate with what was inside the diaper! :)

Sean is still enjoying "school time" He's learning to spell and write and just have fun with some activity books I have for him. He also really loves learning words and when we read together, he'll look for the words he knows so he can point them out to me.

I'm looking forward to a big ol' playdate tomorrow...If everyone and their kiddos come there'll be 10 kids and 4 moms!! Fun times!

Sweet little Nate after his cereal.

Mid way through his meal.

Getting ready for the yum yums!

Isn't he a cutie?!!

He loves to eat his feet!

His first go at the swing!

Standing up with help. :) Such a strong boy!

Sean just loves his little brother!

We went for a walk on the boardwalk too.

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