Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the Slacking Continues...

I really have to wonder if anyone bothers to come by this blog anymore with how irregular I am at putting any posts up...But if you are still here dear readers then thank you and I have some great photos of a few of the things that we've been up to. :)

So Easter has come and gone and the kids were super cute about it. Sean was constantly asking just what was going to happen and when was it that the eggs would be hidden and when would he get to hunt for them? So funny. Both he and Emma-Lyn went hunting and it was so fun to watch. Marko and I hid them just 20 minutes before the kids got to come out and look for them so it stupefied us when even we couldn't find the last one! So there is still one Easter egg MIA.

Marko and I joined our church's choir and have had a blast practicing every Sunday afternoon for our post Easter performance. This was Marko's first time in a choir and I think he really enjoyed it. I LOVED it!!! It was so nice to be involved in a singing group again! We had a lovely performance this past Sunday...Even the children in the Sunday school got to come up and watch. Sean sat right in front of me, his eyes were as big as saucers as he watched. :)

This past Friday was Sean's friend, Ethan's birthday. They went glow-bowling! Sean LOVED it...the boy had never been bowling before but after his very first attempt, he came over to me and told me: "Mommy I think I'm pretty good at this!" So cute! He did pretty good for his first try to, he bowled a 64! Now all he wants to talk about is having a bowling party for his 5th birthday!

I'm so happy to think that the Ferry from NS to PEI will soon be opening again!!! Which means we'll get visits from my folks and vice versa! Mom even is thinking of coming over the 8th of May! So looking forward to that! :)

And tonight we just got back from Sean's Awana Grad Prix! He and Marko worked out what kind of car he wanted to race...which just happened to be a red truck just like Kevan's (this would be Marko's boss) and then Sean and I (okay mostly me) painted it this afternoon. It was a hoot. Sean's truck won two heats but then came in second in the semi-finals.

And now for some photos :)

"Yo, don't mess with my Mama!"

My sweet climbing girl!

Sean's rig for the Awana Grand Prix.

Sean waiting for the Grand Prix to start.

The scoreboard for the glow bowling adventure.

Apparently I didn't get these in the right order...this is Sean after the wind up...

And here is his wind up. :)

The boy with his glow ball.

Sweet Natey just nibbling on his toesies.

Emma-Lyn all tuckered out after the big hunt...

Or is she?!! Girl after my own heart!

Peeling back the layers to get to the chocolatey goodness hiding inside!

The sweet little hunters!


Anonymous said...

I'm still here, I still check faithfully :) Lovely shots as usual!


Sassy_Canuk said...

yep, still reading! I love seeing the pictures of your babies :)

jandb said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! Your little tykes are super cute... although I'm still glad I wasn't in the nursery that fateful Sunday...

:) love! Blayre