Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh How I Wish I Had My Laptop as a Laptop...

Because if it were a laptop again I might actually update this blog a little more often. I just do not enjoy sitting at a desk and typing....oh well, I'll try to get used to it and at least attempt to update at least once a week! :)

Things here have been fun and busy. This month looks like it will also have lots in it. Tomorrow we're taking Sean in for his 4 year assessment..I'm quite interested in how this will go. This weekend is my friend Tammy's wedding which a friend and I are co-MCing the reception. Then next Saturday we're going to the mainland to visit with my fam for Father's day. That Sunday I'm filling in for a friend and teaching a Sunday School class. The following weekend is the Ladies Retreat for my church. Then there's Canada Day and another wedding to look forward to!

The kids are doing great! I'm so looking forward to summer weather and spending a lot more time outside! Nate is ever so busy these days. He is an old pro at the army crawl thing and desperately wants to get up on his feet and really rock this place!! He has a killer smile that just melts the ladies hearts and makes children giggle! Sean and Emma-Lyn are playing together more often these days, which is nice to see. Sometimes there are quibbles over toys and the like and perhaps some differences of personality, but all in all they really do seem to enjoy each other's company.

Marko and I continue to hunt for a new home in the Montague area but we haven't had much luck. Still we know something somewhere some time will come up and off we will go! :)

The Perics at Marko's mom and sister's new spot.

Sean has a new bike! We got it for 25 bucks! We still need to get some training wheels for it but Sean is super pleased with his new wheels.

On the trampoline at Grammie Peric's! So much fun!

There was even a kayak to try out there too! My first time at it ever!

The kids also enjoyed the trampoline! :)

Always time for a story!
Had a wonderful surf n turf dinner followed by a marshmallow roast at Brian and Bonnie's! The kids had a blast. Bonnie and I totally enjoyed our lobsters! Yummmmm! And the boys had steaks.
Serious marshmallow roasters!

Looks like we may have a country singer on our hands! :)

My sweetie pies up in a tree! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

And the Winner IS...

Have you been popping back here in hopes of finding out if you are a winner?! Well now is the time to finally find out!!

How exciting for you!

Can you believe it?!

If you were one of the ones to leave a comment stating your favourite pick then YOU ARE A WINNER!!! Woooo Hooooo! That's right, Sarah, Sassy Canuck, Gloria, Tammy and Rosalie, you are all winners!!!

So now all you have to do to receive your photo is to email me your addy and I'll get your photo to you as soon as I can! My email is lauraperic-at-gmail-dot-com.

Congratulations ladies!

I hope this marks the beginning of a wonderful week for all of you!