Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

It has been a most fantabulous weekend!! We spent the day in NS with my folks yesterday which was awesome!!

We couldn't have asked for better weather, the sun was shining and the breeze was cool. We arrived and just had a great time chatting while the kiddos played with my old toys! So funny to see the old Seasme Street people and buildings!

After lunch we headed outside to soak up some of the beautiful sunshine!! The kids got right into it and ran around as starkers as could be! Mom and Karina filled up two dinghies with water and let the kids have at it. Oh, the squeals of delight and peals of laughter that they let out! After awhile we dumped one out and I took it out on the pond for a wee ride... it was delightful! So peaceful and serene out on the water. It was lovely to be able to dip my hands in the cool water as I floated quietly along. We also put the tent up to see what kind of shape it was in. The poor thing needs some fixing but was in good enough shape to put the suitcase of toys in so the kids had a place to go play when they tired of their little pools. We sat in the shade, ate blueberry coffee cake and sticky buns and drank ice cold pop.

For supper we had cold turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, a couple of different potato salads (one with diced up apple...which was extremely yummy!) and strawberry shortcake for dessert (my favourite!) Then we were off to catch the boat to head back to good ol' PEI.

I love going to my folks place. There are so many memories held in that old home. We moved there when I turned 14, so I spent my whole high school career there. I love the smells and sounds of the house. It's about 100 years old and it is so lovely and of the walls is actually curved and there is a dumb waiter between the dining room and the pantry. The stairs squeak and groan as you tromp up them and the view from any of the second floor windows are breathtakingly beautiful! Before we moved here, my grandparents lived in it and my sister and I would come to visit every other summer for a couple of weeks. There's plenty to remember from so many years gone by. A pure delight to be sure...then there's my family...I just LOVE Them!! There's nothing quite as comforting as spending time with people who know you so well but love you just the same! I know we can be loud and wild and crazy by times, but I love it and wouldn't want it any other way! I love you Mom, Dad and Karina!! You're the best!

Today, while a lot cooler and cloudier, has been simply wonderful as well. We went to church where I got to teach the 3 year old Sunday school class. What a hoot!! There were just 4 of them, but let me tell you, we had a mighty fine time together! Loved it!! After lunch, Sean and I set to work making a cake for Father's Day...Daddy even pitched in to help and now we have a lovely chocolate cake ready for frosting and then eating!!

We headed to the bookstore after Emma-Lyn and Nate woke up from their naps. We also hit the library and picked up a couple of books and the movie Madagascar 2. Then we went to a nearby park, but not for long as the rain started up and the lightning and thunder came around. We quickly came home, cleaned up and the kiddos and I sat down to watch the movie while Marko went to Superstore to pick up supper: Chicken dinner with potato salad, potato wedges, apple pie and vanilla ice cream!! YUMMMY! When he came home we paused the movie, thoroughly enjoyed our meal, cleaned up and got the kiddos in their pjs and then finished the movie. The kids were scooted off to bed and now we're just catching up on Facebook and I'm finishing this post for the ol' blog...Hope you all enjoyed your Father's day weekend!!

A Hope family portrait from way back when!! I love this picture :)

Mom and Dad's place...So love it!

I love the view!

Marko enjoying his Father's Day weekend!!

Just couldn't resist taking some pictures from my mother's beautiful Sutherland's garden.

Sean and Emma-Lyn down by the pond. They love throwing stuff into it.

My sweet Emma-Lynny... I love that hat! A friend of ours made it for her and I just think it is so sweet.

Auntie Karina and Nate sharing some quality time together.

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Sassy_Canuk said...

Glad you had a great time in NS, and I am glad you moved there so I could meet you! Karina looks just the same as I remember her <3
Hope to see you soon!