Monday, June 14, 2010

Having Fun With Photography...

I love playing with my camera and taking pictures of whatever happens to catch my eye. Today I was out with the kiddos and found some flowers that I thought were fun and interesting to photograph. The kids even got into it and would point out flowers and such that maybe I'd like to take a picture of! I wish the batteries hadn't died before we went out in the afternoon. I let the kids go scampering about in the light rain bare foot and blowing bubbles! It was such a great photo op! Oh well, I'll know for next time! Anyhoo, here are some shots of what we found today!

Found this blossom on the ground and just started turning it this way and that to get different angles...I love the colours and sweetness of it... I think a couple of these pics in an arrangement would be nice in on a wall in a little girl's room.

I just love the symmetry of this one.

These little blossoms are just so small, I had to get a shot of them!

And there is something about the vibrancy of the colour yellow.

I loved catching that little critter in the act! :)

And who doesn't love the simplicity of the buttercup! :)

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