Monday, August 02, 2010

Busy, Busy

What a month and I can hardly believe that July is already over!! How does time go by so fast?! It has been a great month weather wise! So much sun shine to be outdoors and playing in! The kiddos have enjoyed afternoons in the backyard with the kiddie pool and morning excursions to the beach with friends!

My folks have been over and this month we hope to head over there for a weekend getaway! My folks are going to Cape Breton while we will hold down the fort for them and take in some local fun! I really want to take the kiddos to Magic Valley! I worked there for two summers as Daisy the Talking Cow!

We went to two weddings, both of which were so much fun!! My fav though had to be Tammy and Doug's wedding! I got to co-MC their reception and my lands, what a great dance afterwards!! Malcolm and Heather's wedding was absolutely the most picturesque I've ever been to, with it down by the water and seeing the rolling hills beyond.

I spent two weeks babysitting my friend's little ones in the mornings while they took their older children to swimming lessons! That was a hoot! It was pretty busy by times but always so much fun and I especially enjoyed the Mommy time afterward.

There have been friend's birthdays and games nights and wedding showers to go to and who could forget Canada Day to get the whole thing started! This year was a bit of a twist as Heather's bachelorette was that night so I was on a boat out in the harbour with the gals while the fireworks went off! And what an awesome display it was this year!

I went on a photo walk this month which was a total hoot! I'm thinking about joining the Charlottetown Photographer's club...Met so many great people and had a blast just taking shots of downtown Charlottetown early in the morning.

So here's to August and all that it has in store!! :)

Sean on his new bike with training wheels.

Malcolm and Heather. :)

Playing at the park.

The surf at Tea Hill Park.

One of my shots from the photo walk.

When my folks came down we played the Wii! So much fun!

Karina was really quite good at it!

Dad had a lot of fun too!

Grammie and Nate.

From the photo walk.

The kiddos playing at the beach.

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