Monday, January 31, 2011

Gotta Share...

So here I thought I would just update every Sunday but, its only Monday and I'm back again!

I don't know if the kids realize that I'm back into blogging about our life but they have made today so very interesting that I just had to pop in and write about it.

I had such grand plans for today! I was hoping to do a whole lot of baking. Over Christmas I made a few goodies but not nearly the amount I had hoped for. I even bought a cute recipe book of tasty goodies that I only used a couple of times, so today was supposed to change all that...

I started with a Hazelnut Biscottini, which suggested that I roast my hazelnuts and then rub the shells off them before coarsely chopping them up...seemed simple enough...except the roasting on the skillet didn't go so well (their suggestion) so then I tried a little roasting in the oven before rubbing them which seemed to work better but still not fabulous. With what little I could get clean of their shells I began to chop up...until I sliced into my ring finger!!! (I just got a new knife set as a house warming present and MAN are those knives ever stinking sharp!!!) So, that quickly threw things into a bit of a tailspin and at this exact time all of the kids were hungry for snack so now I'm dancing around the kitchen trying to apply pressure to my finger to stop the bleeding while I try to get the box of cookies out of the cupboard...Fun times I tell ya!

Finally band-aid on and bleeding stopped I continue on my merry little way...that is until I realize that I haven't heard my princess in a little while and last I saw her she needed her pull-up changed so I stopped every thing and headed upstairs...There she was, nothing but a smile on her face, admiring the view in our bedroom mirror! She had her blanky from her bed and had pulled all the sheets of paper towel off the roll in front of her. It was quite the spectacle...Thankfully she had dealt with her pull-up herself so no further cleaning was needed.

That dealt with, back to the kitchen I went. I have to admit that I gave up on the hazelnut thing and tackled a couple of easier recipes instead. I made chocolate toffee cookies and some mystic bars. And while getting right into the swing of things for these recipes I could hear some impressive bumps and thumps coming from upstairs. I had to force myself to go and check it out...probably would have been advisable to go up much earlier...Emma-Lyn again with nothing but a smile on and Nate was now in on the action, he at least was still fully clothed but, he was covered from head to foot in baby was Emma-Lyn and the hallway floor had quite the dusting as well!! I actually stopped to take a picture of Nate as it was just too funny!!

I did finally get my cookies and bars made and all the kids went to bed with clothes on...All in all a pretty successful day!! :)

Ain't he cute all doused in baby powder?!!

So at supper we had cucumber slices and when I went to cut Marko a few extra slices I saw this and thought it was photo worthy. :)

And then the kids wanted to snap a few pictures...this was Emma-Lyn's handy work.

And Sean really wanted a picture of the inside of one of my pots...

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Sassy_Canuk said...

baking sounds yummy :) I too have always wondered why some recipes are not as easy as they are portrayed to be!
i love the cucumber pic!
and WOW Nate has sure grown.