Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time For a Fresh Start!

It has been awhile but, I'm ready to get back into writing and dedicating time to my blog. I decided to update the look and some of my personal info... it was getting a little out of date! I'm hoping to stick to a schedule of updating once a week every Sunday. I like sharing all the funny things the kids do and I've missed doing that the past little while. I have also decided to take a break from Facebook...Hoping this helps me stick to my schedule! :)

And if you are a follower from way back in October and find yourself here again and reading along, I say, thank you! Its great to have you here and I hope you enjoy the stories and goings on in my house!

It has been a busy 4 months since last I wrote! My youngest baby turned 1, my big boy turned 5 and my little lady turned 3!! My, how quickly the time flies eh?!! We also finally moved!!! YIPEEEE!! My hubby and I had been looking for our own home for the past 5 years, when this cute little 1 and 1/2 story home came to our attention! We found the house at the beginning of December and made the move to Montague on December 29th. And to keep us on our toes we decided to head over to Nova Scotia to spend Chirstmas day with my family! That was crazy busy!! But now we're all settled in and really enjoying our new place. Montague is a cute little town located in a very picturesque part of the Island. I can't wait for summer time when we can go for nice long walks with the kids and really start exploring our new surroundings!

Gotta end the post with a few pics of the fam. :)

Our new little home! :)

The crazy Christmas time of 2010! :)

The older kiddos and I try to have some special time together every day and on this day we decided on a dress up tea party! So much fun!

I LOVE this kid!! So very very messy though!! :)

I just really liked this shot! :)

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