Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Gramma Hope!

For my family (that is the Hopes) if its your birthday and you don't live in the same house, well then, we are going to call you up and as soon as you answer that phone we all gather about the phone and sing Happy Birthday as loudly and joyously as we can! No birthday is complete without this phone call. Gramma Hope received her call this morning with much fanfare and fun on our end of the phone! Gramma Hope seemed more than pleased to get her special call.

You will be happy to know I haven't come up with too many new projects for Marko these day so the poor man is able to come home and actually rest. Last Monday was Islander Day here on the Island so Marko had the day off which was simply grand!! I finally took the opportunity to clean out the that thing was (as my father would say..) a STIG PIE!! (i.e. a pig sty...ahem) The backseat was covered in all sorts of crumbs and winter clothes, sippy cups and plain old dirt! It was great to get it cleaned up again. Together we got through our mountains of laundry and few other jobs. Sean decided we should have some worship time, so we sang hymns and read the Bible and prayed. Later we all walked to the bakery to pick up a few treats, which the kiddos enjoyed immensely. We enjoyed our dinner by candlelight and cleaned up from dinner together. Such a lovely day.

The kids (the older two) are such great little helpers. After supper we all clean up the kitchen together and do the dishes. Its so nice to have the kitchen all cleaned up before settling in the living room for stories and songs.

I am so ready for Winter to be over! So many fact one is raging out there tonight...UGH! I am not fond of winter driving and driving through white out conditions does not tickle my fancy one bit. I did it though and while I enjoyed to trip into town, I was ever so glad to pull into my own driveway safe and sound.

I am so looking forward to walks down by the waterfront with the kiddos. We went down on the only nice day this past week and it was spectacular! It is so close by and the trail is wonderful...Can't wait for green grass and warm sunshine!!

Of course, this past weekend we had another storm and lost our power but, thankfully it was back on before breakfast! I do so enjoy my coffee in the morning. The snow was over by the afternoon and we were able to get out for a bit and run a couple errands.

On Sunday we headed over to the MacDonalds' and had a super fun time! The kids headed to the backyard with the dads and had a great time sledding down the hill. I snapped a couple pics then took some of their cute little doggy, Hilda Mae. Fun! :)

Now for some picutes:

Daddy's home, time for ROUGH HOUSING!!

Time to shark slap him!! YEEE HAW!

Ride 'em cowboy!!

Nate's turn....ummm Nate?!

That's better, but what happened to Marko's hair?!!

My cuties!

And all three of them...


Nate's all tuckered sweet.

Coasting down the hill! Marko is down there at the bottom to catch the kids.

And this is Hilda Mae...ain't she sweet?!!

Got her up funny!

Love the way her tail looks like a wild headdress.

And then all the kids played house together.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And This Post is For My Hubby...

Why a post for my hubby? Well the poor man has a lot to put up with being married to me! Take this week or even one day from this week for an example...

After a long hard day at work, Marko comes home to find out that I single-handedly managed to break open his coin know the one he got from his mother- in- law for Christmas?!! Yep, I'm good that way. I had taken the thing apart because Sean and I were working on money for school time and I needed some change. And this thing was just about busting at the seams with the stuff so it seemed a good idea at the time. I thought that it was supposed to come apart and was not daunted when the thing did not come apart easily...I'll have you know it took a LOT of muscle to pry that thing apart!!! I got it apart and Sean and I had a lovely time discussing nickles, quarters, dimes and pennies and their value, but I soon realized afterwards that I had no stinking clue as to how to get the coin sorter back together...And while I was sorry that I had ripped the thing apart, I had a good feeling that Marko could get it back to working order in no time.

He was not entirely impressed with me and what I had undertaken with my day and as he surveyed the wreckage he asked, "Was there not some point where you thought about waiting until I got home to try to take apart the coin sorter?!" Ummmm, that would be a negatory on that one Sweetie....I was quite determined to work with Sean and money and this seemed the best option, you know, at the time...ahem... At this point I left him to his work and puttered about the kitchen. After some muddling he was successful in restoring his beloved coin sorter to its original shape and form!! I was so proud of him!! :) With that sorted, we decided it was time for a break and we'd watch a show on our DVD player...We sat down on the comfy couch, I looked over to where the player was and 'lo and behold, the DVD player was no longer in it's usual place!! I could only laugh at this point...Marko sighed, got up and found the player in behind the stand, lying on the floor. My only guess is that Nate came by and pushed the thing as hard as he could until it magically disappeared!! Marko put the player back in place and all was well and good with our little world once again!!

Hmmm, wonder what little projects I could come up with for him this week?!! :)

Now for a cute photo shoot of Nate...

"Well if you must take pictures of me I guess I can comply..."

"I'll even look cute for this one! See how I've folded my hands here? Really upping the cuteness factor in my humble opinion."

"Why so many pictures?! I think you're up to something!!!"

"Is there something you're not telling me?"

"What do you mean there's a rice krispie stuck under my nose!!! I'm calling my agent!!!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

I really enjoyed my Valentine's day this year! It was a two parter!! Marko and I went out for dinner on Sunday night to a local Chinese place and had THE most delicious food!! We went for a lovely drive and came home to watch a movie and eat the BEST ice cream! (which just happens to be President's Choice Chocolate Fudge Crackle...ohhh so yummy.)

Then on Monday the kiddos and I made some chocolate chip cookies and valentines and brought them to our neighbour. Her husband works out west in the winter so we thought she might like the company. :) That evening Marko and I finished our movie and had more ice cream...I LOVE chocolate!...oh and one funny thing that happened....Marko had bought me some of my favourite chocolates...they're the "They Taste So Good I Can't Believe They Aren't Ferrero Rocher" from the Superstore...I LOVE them! Anyhoo, Marko thought he had hidden them and was going to give them to me on Valentine's Day but, Sean found them and brought them out to us in the living room saying, "Look Mommy here's more of the chocolates you love!!" Too funny! I shared them with the fam and we all enjoyed them much to Marko's chagrin.

I got my haircut finally!! I was so tired of the old ponytail look. I mean, come on! I'm 34 and still wearing my hair the way I had it in high school?!! It wasn't all that cool then and certainly not now! Its nice and short and might I say stylish?! I hardly know what to do with myself! :)

Had a bit of a day today...I LOVE Tuesdays, I could almost say I live for Tuesdays! On Tuesday we have the ladies Bible study at the church I went to in Charlottetown. So I usually pack up the kids and head in town for the day! In the afternoon I go to my best friend, Bonnie's house and have an absolutely fabulous time....but not so today...Today the weather was not one little bit interested in cooperating with my plans. It decided to snow and blow so much that schools were closed and the study was off...I do so look forward to it...And here I had the car and couldn't go anywhere. Booo!

So now to come up with a plan of what to do with the day. I decided to make some Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Muffins which did seem to turn out well. But for some reason as I took the hot muffin tray out of the oven I decided to touch it with my bare fingers!!! OUCH!! Not bright!! Thankfully the burn isn't too bad but, the incident did nothing to improve my mood. Then Nate found some time to head up to the bathroom by himself and play in the toilet....My how I love to find him in there, all covered in water and holding the toilet plunger!!!

What did save the day for me was playing This Little Piggy with the kids...over and over and over again! They LOVED it and so did I...nothing like having them jump into your arms to get tickled!!

And another highlight of this past week was at bedtime and I was taking him to his room and I told him good night and he said, "Nigh, nigh." and popped his little thumb in his mouth and rested his head on my shoulder...I could have melted!

Me and my new do!

The REAL me and my new do...If you've ever wondered if I've changed over the years, the answer is no!! ;)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

This Post is For My Uncle John Hope

Just why is this post for my Uncle John? Because he is obviously a dedicated reader who just had to have more posts on this ol blog!! I love you Uncle John!! There, that should put a smile on his face don't you think? ;)

Things here are going well and we've had exactly zero incidents with baby powder this week!! YAY!!! I think the highlight was when Sean announced that he was getting to be more and more like his daddy and when I asked how so, his answer was that he was beginning to burp and fart just like him!! Classy!!

This weekend we made a journey to the western end of the Island to visit our friends The Skys and go sledding down their massive hill! I had such a hoot trying to go down the hill with Miriam...we never seemed to get too far before falling over into a massive heap of snow and laughter!! Sean had a blast going down on the crazy carpets time after time after time!! Emma-Lyn seemed much more content to stay at the top of the hill and eat snow. Nate came down with me a couple of times and seemed to enjoy it.

Today our region was hit with a whole lot of stinking snow which did not make me all that happy...I had hoped to go into town to see my best friend Jennie before she heads off to Israel on Monday but it was not looking like that was going to happen...but thankfully the snow did ease off and we were able to make it into see her and Troy at the Tims! The kids were also very excited to see Jennie and Troy. Sean announced that he wanted to sit beside either Jennie or Troy and when we left he had big hugs for both of them and also had a hug for a friendly lady that was sitting at the table next to us...She was pleased and mentioned how he had just made her day...I thought that was so sweet! :)

So heres to the coming week and all the snow that they have forcasted for this area...

Here are a bunch of pics of Nate with his blankies. He is such a cuddler and just LOVES his blankies!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

This kid just amazes me! Sean decided this morning that Dr.Suess should have written a sequel to his Sleep Book that would be titled The Awake Book...of course. But seeing as Dr.Suess is dead, Sean decided to take it upon himself to write his own version of the Awake Book. He drew the pictures first and then he told me what he wanted to write and I wrote out for him which he then copied into his book.

So without further ado may I give you Sean's first book: The Awake Book.

The cover...not sure who the people are...

The mother went to work.

After work she went to the grocery store.

Then the mother went home.

Okay so, not quite as rhyming as what Dr.Suess could turn out but, these are definitely all things that I'd rather do while I'm awake! :) Guess Marko has some competition now...Sean might get his first book published before Marko. :)