Sunday, February 20, 2011

And This Post is For My Hubby...

Why a post for my hubby? Well the poor man has a lot to put up with being married to me! Take this week or even one day from this week for an example...

After a long hard day at work, Marko comes home to find out that I single-handedly managed to break open his coin know the one he got from his mother- in- law for Christmas?!! Yep, I'm good that way. I had taken the thing apart because Sean and I were working on money for school time and I needed some change. And this thing was just about busting at the seams with the stuff so it seemed a good idea at the time. I thought that it was supposed to come apart and was not daunted when the thing did not come apart easily...I'll have you know it took a LOT of muscle to pry that thing apart!!! I got it apart and Sean and I had a lovely time discussing nickles, quarters, dimes and pennies and their value, but I soon realized afterwards that I had no stinking clue as to how to get the coin sorter back together...And while I was sorry that I had ripped the thing apart, I had a good feeling that Marko could get it back to working order in no time.

He was not entirely impressed with me and what I had undertaken with my day and as he surveyed the wreckage he asked, "Was there not some point where you thought about waiting until I got home to try to take apart the coin sorter?!" Ummmm, that would be a negatory on that one Sweetie....I was quite determined to work with Sean and money and this seemed the best option, you know, at the time...ahem... At this point I left him to his work and puttered about the kitchen. After some muddling he was successful in restoring his beloved coin sorter to its original shape and form!! I was so proud of him!! :) With that sorted, we decided it was time for a break and we'd watch a show on our DVD player...We sat down on the comfy couch, I looked over to where the player was and 'lo and behold, the DVD player was no longer in it's usual place!! I could only laugh at this point...Marko sighed, got up and found the player in behind the stand, lying on the floor. My only guess is that Nate came by and pushed the thing as hard as he could until it magically disappeared!! Marko put the player back in place and all was well and good with our little world once again!!

Hmmm, wonder what little projects I could come up with for him this week?!! :)

Now for a cute photo shoot of Nate...

"Well if you must take pictures of me I guess I can comply..."

"I'll even look cute for this one! See how I've folded my hands here? Really upping the cuteness factor in my humble opinion."

"Why so many pictures?! I think you're up to something!!!"

"Is there something you're not telling me?"

"What do you mean there's a rice krispie stuck under my nose!!! I'm calling my agent!!!"

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