Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Gramma Hope!

For my family (that is the Hopes) if its your birthday and you don't live in the same house, well then, we are going to call you up and as soon as you answer that phone we all gather about the phone and sing Happy Birthday as loudly and joyously as we can! No birthday is complete without this phone call. Gramma Hope received her call this morning with much fanfare and fun on our end of the phone! Gramma Hope seemed more than pleased to get her special call.

You will be happy to know I haven't come up with too many new projects for Marko these day so the poor man is able to come home and actually rest. Last Monday was Islander Day here on the Island so Marko had the day off which was simply grand!! I finally took the opportunity to clean out the that thing was (as my father would say..) a STIG PIE!! (i.e. a pig sty...ahem) The backseat was covered in all sorts of crumbs and winter clothes, sippy cups and plain old dirt! It was great to get it cleaned up again. Together we got through our mountains of laundry and few other jobs. Sean decided we should have some worship time, so we sang hymns and read the Bible and prayed. Later we all walked to the bakery to pick up a few treats, which the kiddos enjoyed immensely. We enjoyed our dinner by candlelight and cleaned up from dinner together. Such a lovely day.

The kids (the older two) are such great little helpers. After supper we all clean up the kitchen together and do the dishes. Its so nice to have the kitchen all cleaned up before settling in the living room for stories and songs.

I am so ready for Winter to be over! So many fact one is raging out there tonight...UGH! I am not fond of winter driving and driving through white out conditions does not tickle my fancy one bit. I did it though and while I enjoyed to trip into town, I was ever so glad to pull into my own driveway safe and sound.

I am so looking forward to walks down by the waterfront with the kiddos. We went down on the only nice day this past week and it was spectacular! It is so close by and the trail is wonderful...Can't wait for green grass and warm sunshine!!

Of course, this past weekend we had another storm and lost our power but, thankfully it was back on before breakfast! I do so enjoy my coffee in the morning. The snow was over by the afternoon and we were able to get out for a bit and run a couple errands.

On Sunday we headed over to the MacDonalds' and had a super fun time! The kids headed to the backyard with the dads and had a great time sledding down the hill. I snapped a couple pics then took some of their cute little doggy, Hilda Mae. Fun! :)

Now for some picutes:

Daddy's home, time for ROUGH HOUSING!!

Time to shark slap him!! YEEE HAW!

Ride 'em cowboy!!

Nate's turn....ummm Nate?!

That's better, but what happened to Marko's hair?!!

My cuties!

And all three of them...


Nate's all tuckered sweet.

Coasting down the hill! Marko is down there at the bottom to catch the kids.

And this is Hilda Mae...ain't she sweet?!!

Got her up funny!

Love the way her tail looks like a wild headdress.

And then all the kids played house together.

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