Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

This kid just amazes me! Sean decided this morning that Dr.Suess should have written a sequel to his Sleep Book that would be titled The Awake Book...of course. But seeing as Dr.Suess is dead, Sean decided to take it upon himself to write his own version of the Awake Book. He drew the pictures first and then he told me what he wanted to write and I wrote out for him which he then copied into his book.

So without further ado may I give you Sean's first book: The Awake Book.

The cover...not sure who the people are...

The mother went to work.

After work she went to the grocery store.

Then the mother went home.

Okay so, not quite as rhyming as what Dr.Suess could turn out but, these are definitely all things that I'd rather do while I'm awake! :) Guess Marko has some competition now...Sean might get his first book published before Marko. :)

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Amanda Longmoore said...

Meemer, let me know when you find a publisher and I'll buy a copy! :)