Sunday, February 06, 2011

This Post is For My Uncle John Hope

Just why is this post for my Uncle John? Because he is obviously a dedicated reader who just had to have more posts on this ol blog!! I love you Uncle John!! There, that should put a smile on his face don't you think? ;)

Things here are going well and we've had exactly zero incidents with baby powder this week!! YAY!!! I think the highlight was when Sean announced that he was getting to be more and more like his daddy and when I asked how so, his answer was that he was beginning to burp and fart just like him!! Classy!!

This weekend we made a journey to the western end of the Island to visit our friends The Skys and go sledding down their massive hill! I had such a hoot trying to go down the hill with Miriam...we never seemed to get too far before falling over into a massive heap of snow and laughter!! Sean had a blast going down on the crazy carpets time after time after time!! Emma-Lyn seemed much more content to stay at the top of the hill and eat snow. Nate came down with me a couple of times and seemed to enjoy it.

Today our region was hit with a whole lot of stinking snow which did not make me all that happy...I had hoped to go into town to see my best friend Jennie before she heads off to Israel on Monday but it was not looking like that was going to happen...but thankfully the snow did ease off and we were able to make it into see her and Troy at the Tims! The kids were also very excited to see Jennie and Troy. Sean announced that he wanted to sit beside either Jennie or Troy and when we left he had big hugs for both of them and also had a hug for a friendly lady that was sitting at the table next to us...She was pleased and mentioned how he had just made her day...I thought that was so sweet! :)

So heres to the coming week and all the snow that they have forcasted for this area...

Here are a bunch of pics of Nate with his blankies. He is such a cuddler and just LOVES his blankies!


Amanda Longmoore said...

Oh my GOSH... Nate is growing so fast! What a sweetie!

john said...

Thanks Laura love to here about you and your family. Love Uncle John & aunt Gwen.

Amy said...

What cute little ones you have. Are they all over two years apart or do they over lap like mine? The other day I went from having an infant and a one year old to having a two year old and a three year old.

Laura said...

Hi Amy, sorry for the late reply. The kiddos are pretty much 2 years apart each time..just barely between Sean and Emma-Lyn though.