Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught in the Act...

So often as a parent I find strangers are always around to catch your kids in the middle of a tantrum, or the kids are acting up, or talking name it and while some people share knowing glances and some the occasional nod, there are still others who glare or "tsk" as if their children had never acted up in public. I can't say I enjoy these encounters all that much. I'm pretty sure its at those times I'm hoping that the floor will just swallow me up! But today was different. We were in Value Village and having a grand time when a lady noticed the children and asked me about them and then mentioned to them as well as myself how well behaved they were!! I near fell over from the shock! It sure is nice to have someone else catch your kids doing the right thing! :) I thanked her and left feeling very much encouraged. As well, there were many patient and kind people around while we were out. People who waited patiently while I took my kids out of my car so they could get into their car. People who saw me and my brood coming and would kindly open doors for me. It was really nice. So could you, if you see a mom out with her children give her a smile, a word of encouragement or just open a door? :) Who knows, your small act of kindness could be a highlight of her day. :)

Now for a few pics of the sweeties themselves:

First up Nate...he's growing up so fast!

Then my Big Boy Sean...such a character!

And my sweet princess Emma-Lyn.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring!!

And oh what a glorious day it was!! I was so happy to see the sun again!

Emma-Lyn was on a sleep over last night so that meant it was just me and my boys today. This morning after I put Nate down for his nap, Sean and I decided we would see how much crap we could take out of the garage and throw in our garbage bin...Seeing as both were nearly full, I only got about 2 feet inside the garage. Nonetheless we made some interesting discoveries...The previous owners loved hunting...still had a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall...ick. They also were all about the 8 tracks and had an entire case full of them. They had oodles of different types of tape, nails, screws, hinges, door knobs and just general what not... Our most interesting finds were what appears to be a functional, if a bit dated barbecue...hopefully we can get at least one summer out of it. We also found a fishing pole for Sean...He was mighty pleased about that!! There was a fully functional VCR which I promptly took and hooked up to our tv (seeing as some little hands have managed to mangle our old one) and last but not least there was a satellite dish on the floor...that, I didn't do anything with, just thought it was interesting to find.

In the afternoon both boys and I headed out to the backyard to do some yard work...okay so Nate went out to eat dirt mostly and Sean helped until he decided he wanted to pretend he was sword fighting. :) I got about half of the yard cleaned up and I think its really beginning to look nice out there! (also found the large compost bags in the garage...made the job a lot easier)

Oh and I also found a hanging flower pot...I'm excited about putting that together. I went to a Ladies Night out last week and received a potted vine to put in it, so now to just find the other flowers to fill and then hang it outside my front door. I'm so excited to really start gardening this year. I hope to have a couple of flower beds as well as a small vegetable garden.

I cut Emma-Lyn and Nate's hair this week. This was Nate's first haircut and I have to say it was a bit emotional for me. My little lad is growing up so fast! He looks like such a little boy now and not as much of a baby. I love that he is still such a cuddle bug though, here's hoping we can hold onto that for a good while longer!

The evening Daddy greeting. The kids get soooo excited when they see Daddy coming home, there is much screaming and rejoicing as well as a bit of pushing to get to him first!

My sweet goofy girl...I wonder who she gets this from?!! :)

See what I mean?! Such a little boy now...sniff

Monday, March 14, 2011

We Went Snowshoeing!

The homeschoolers group set up a lovely afternoon out at Dalvay for some snowshoeing this past Wednesday. I've been snowshoeing a way back when I was a girl guide and I was looking forward to sharing this experience with Sean. He was pretty pumped to be trying it out!

I was able to leave Emma and Nate with my good friend Shirley...she is awesome...She still took them in after I explained that I had forgotten Nate's diaper bag!!! My lands where has my brain gone these days?!!

Sean and I met up with the rest of the group at the little centre out at Dalvay. We were a pretty big group so we split up and one group went snowshoeing right away while the rest of us got to listen to a lovely presentation about animals in PEI. Sean enjoyed the presentation but was anxious to get going. And unfortunately the group that went snowshoeing first took longer than expected. Once they finally got back, away we went. Sean was great at snowshoeing... I decided not to wear them since the snow was so packed you really didn't need them, and because I wanted to be able to help Sean if he needed me. By the time we got out there though, the sun was starting to set and the wind was pretty bitter. The guide was a bit long winded and as I checked my watch I was supposed to be picking up Emma-Lyn and Nate at that very moment. I was freezing by this point and most of the kids had taken off their snowshoes, we decided to bail and make our way home. We stopped in at the centre to warm up a wee bit and have some hot chocolate and cookies.

The next homeschoolers event is a tour through the Charlottetown Police Department. Sean is really looking forward to that one!

Sean's footwear.

All set to take it to the trail.

On his way. He was an old pro at this.

Just thought this was interesting so snapped a shot.

And a couple of pics of our homemade bird feeders. They seem to like the Fruitopia container the best.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Fun Busy Days

It has been a full week with many ups and downs and way more snow than I ever want to think about. Thankfully right now it is raining and the snow is melting! We can actually see our entire driveway already! As Marko said this evening, "We may have more snow but old man Winter's back is definitely broken!" I sure hope he's right! :)

This week the kids and I did a little experiment of sorts. I had put up a store bought bird feeder and hadn't seen a bird near it in a week. So we set to finding some possible homemade ideas for bird feeders. We ended up with a carton style, a pop bottle style and just a hunk of stale bread slathered in peanut butter and then squished into some seeds and all hung from branches of our tree in the backyard. I'm not sure if the bread just fell out of the tree or the birds knocked it out, but it landed on the ground and was promptly devoured! It took a little while for the birds to check out the other feeders but they did eventually and do seem to enjoy it. So far we've seen Blue Jays, Starlings and a Chickadee. We think we may have seen a woodpecker at one point but it flew away before we could get a good look at him. The kids are loving watching the birds from our patio doors! And I'm ever so pleased that the crows are staying away. They sometimes hang out in the higher branches of the trees but won't come down.

Ever have one of those days? Mine was on Tuesday...the kids and I were going to Charlottetown for a playdate and everything seemed to be going smoothly... that is until I woke up...:) The kids were fine but there was heaps upon heaps of snow in our driveway...ugh! I would have to shovel that before we could go anywhere. Thankfully Marko shoveled a fair amount before his ride came to get him, so that was encouraging...then the plow guy came by and cleared the rest of it. Great, I thought, now this won't be hard at all. I got the kids ready and in the car in no time, I jumped in the car and away we went...well almost. That is we went maybe a couple centimeters...the car seemed to be stuck, quite firmly I might add, in its ruts...ugh! So out I hop and go grab one of the kid's shovels and do some quick shoveling around the car. I decided instead of taking the shovel back around to the deck I would just pop it in the side door. I am ever so glad I did as it would seem I had completely forgotten to shut the door let alone lock the thing! Yipes!! I got back in the car and with a little cajoling we were able to make a get away! Phew... I still can't believe I forgot about that door being open!

This weekend Marko and I got a new kitchen cart. And I just love it! It is so handy and looks great in the kitchen...helps me envision what the kitchen renos will look like! I've included a picture of it for your perusing pleasure.

One of our first little time I'll have to get a shot of the actual bird feeders! :)

The new cart, don't she look grand?!! :)