Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught in the Act...

So often as a parent I find strangers are always around to catch your kids in the middle of a tantrum, or the kids are acting up, or talking name it and while some people share knowing glances and some the occasional nod, there are still others who glare or "tsk" as if their children had never acted up in public. I can't say I enjoy these encounters all that much. I'm pretty sure its at those times I'm hoping that the floor will just swallow me up! But today was different. We were in Value Village and having a grand time when a lady noticed the children and asked me about them and then mentioned to them as well as myself how well behaved they were!! I near fell over from the shock! It sure is nice to have someone else catch your kids doing the right thing! :) I thanked her and left feeling very much encouraged. As well, there were many patient and kind people around while we were out. People who waited patiently while I took my kids out of my car so they could get into their car. People who saw me and my brood coming and would kindly open doors for me. It was really nice. So could you, if you see a mom out with her children give her a smile, a word of encouragement or just open a door? :) Who knows, your small act of kindness could be a highlight of her day. :)

Now for a few pics of the sweeties themselves:

First up Nate...he's growing up so fast!

Then my Big Boy Sean...such a character!

And my sweet princess Emma-Lyn.

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Mary E said...

I know what you mean - I took Peter to a service in a cathedral when he was 5, just the two of us, and he was great throughout. It helped that one of the hymns was 'Seek ye first' which he knew well! I had a couple of nice comments from people around. I do find kids can really rise to the occasion when you need them to.