Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day of Spring!!

And oh what a glorious day it was!! I was so happy to see the sun again!

Emma-Lyn was on a sleep over last night so that meant it was just me and my boys today. This morning after I put Nate down for his nap, Sean and I decided we would see how much crap we could take out of the garage and throw in our garbage bin...Seeing as both were nearly full, I only got about 2 feet inside the garage. Nonetheless we made some interesting discoveries...The previous owners loved hunting...still had a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall...ick. They also were all about the 8 tracks and had an entire case full of them. They had oodles of different types of tape, nails, screws, hinges, door knobs and just general what not... Our most interesting finds were what appears to be a functional, if a bit dated barbecue...hopefully we can get at least one summer out of it. We also found a fishing pole for Sean...He was mighty pleased about that!! There was a fully functional VCR which I promptly took and hooked up to our tv (seeing as some little hands have managed to mangle our old one) and last but not least there was a satellite dish on the floor...that, I didn't do anything with, just thought it was interesting to find.

In the afternoon both boys and I headed out to the backyard to do some yard work...okay so Nate went out to eat dirt mostly and Sean helped until he decided he wanted to pretend he was sword fighting. :) I got about half of the yard cleaned up and I think its really beginning to look nice out there! (also found the large compost bags in the garage...made the job a lot easier)

Oh and I also found a hanging flower pot...I'm excited about putting that together. I went to a Ladies Night out last week and received a potted vine to put in it, so now to just find the other flowers to fill and then hang it outside my front door. I'm so excited to really start gardening this year. I hope to have a couple of flower beds as well as a small vegetable garden.

I cut Emma-Lyn and Nate's hair this week. This was Nate's first haircut and I have to say it was a bit emotional for me. My little lad is growing up so fast! He looks like such a little boy now and not as much of a baby. I love that he is still such a cuddle bug though, here's hoping we can hold onto that for a good while longer!

The evening Daddy greeting. The kids get soooo excited when they see Daddy coming home, there is much screaming and rejoicing as well as a bit of pushing to get to him first!

My sweet goofy girl...I wonder who she gets this from?!! :)

See what I mean?! Such a little boy now...sniff

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Diane & Alfred said...

Great to read about your family again Laura. They are growing so quickly! Emma looks alot like Karina I think. Enjoy that new home!! Garden like your Mom!!