Monday, March 14, 2011

We Went Snowshoeing!

The homeschoolers group set up a lovely afternoon out at Dalvay for some snowshoeing this past Wednesday. I've been snowshoeing a way back when I was a girl guide and I was looking forward to sharing this experience with Sean. He was pretty pumped to be trying it out!

I was able to leave Emma and Nate with my good friend Shirley...she is awesome...She still took them in after I explained that I had forgotten Nate's diaper bag!!! My lands where has my brain gone these days?!!

Sean and I met up with the rest of the group at the little centre out at Dalvay. We were a pretty big group so we split up and one group went snowshoeing right away while the rest of us got to listen to a lovely presentation about animals in PEI. Sean enjoyed the presentation but was anxious to get going. And unfortunately the group that went snowshoeing first took longer than expected. Once they finally got back, away we went. Sean was great at snowshoeing... I decided not to wear them since the snow was so packed you really didn't need them, and because I wanted to be able to help Sean if he needed me. By the time we got out there though, the sun was starting to set and the wind was pretty bitter. The guide was a bit long winded and as I checked my watch I was supposed to be picking up Emma-Lyn and Nate at that very moment. I was freezing by this point and most of the kids had taken off their snowshoes, we decided to bail and make our way home. We stopped in at the centre to warm up a wee bit and have some hot chocolate and cookies.

The next homeschoolers event is a tour through the Charlottetown Police Department. Sean is really looking forward to that one!

Sean's footwear.

All set to take it to the trail.

On his way. He was an old pro at this.

Just thought this was interesting so snapped a shot.

And a couple of pics of our homemade bird feeders. They seem to like the Fruitopia container the best.

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Bernie said...

From sunny Florida I love the pic of the blue jay in mid flutter. Glad Sean liked the SS.Do you follow Pioneer woman she had a discussion topic lately on home schooling and socialization sounds like your group has that covered.Take care give the kiddos a hug for me