Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun burnt!!

I am happy to say that I am currently sporting a sun burn...okay so most normal people would not be happy about this...I am happy about it because it means that it was warm enough outside to stay outside and just enjoy the warmth without having to be bundled up. I LOVED it! I didn't think I would be out there all that long, but my was it ever nice to just sit and relax on the deck while the kiddos played in the yard.

I did manage to get some work done today too. I got two loads of laundry out on the line and did some more yard work. I piled Emma-Lyn and Nate into their little red wagon, which they have named "The Red Rocket" and off we went to the post office. Emma-Lyn had spent the entire trip sitting on her knees which meant that when we got home her legs had fallen asleep and she could not for the life of her stand up...too funny. I sat her down on one of our deck chairs and as the feeling started to return to her legs she started to complain that there were little bugs in her legs. Too funny.

With Sean away on his sleepover at Grammie Peric's, I was able to get Nate and Emma-Lyn down for their naps at the same time and it was bliss! Just to have time to myself, with no one asking me to do or be anything.

Sean got home at 5 and had had a great time visiting with his Grammie and Auntie. He and Linda had taken the training wheels of his bike and tried out getting the hang of balancing on his bike. He also got some time to practice playing baseball. Apparently he did quite well and seems to be getting the hang of hitting the ball with the bat.

I'm pretty sure all the kids were asleep even before their heads hit their pillows! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun in the Sun

What an absolutely beautiful day it was today!! The sun was shining and it was actually warm outside!! You would actually think that spring had finally arrived! I wasn't so sure we were actually going to get spring after our snow storm last week which got me this photo:

These are right in the middle of the yard...not sure why but hey, they're cute.

Today we decided to have lunch on the deck. The kids LOVED it! They sat at their little picnic table while Marko and I used a big bucket for our table--guess we know what we need to get for the deck!

Ta-Da! It was so nice to sit out on our very own deck and enjoy the sunshine and sandwiches together.
Nate had been napping when the rest of us had our lunch but, we thought he might like the change of scenery too. And he did but he mostly just wanted to get down and start playing in the yard.

It wasn't long before Sean had Daddy out playing ball with him and he even let Emma-Lyn give it a go!
Getting ready to swing!

And Sean got a few good hits too.

Just as we were finishing up lunch I got a call from my good friend Jackie who had some flowers for me and would be dropping by to help get them planted that afternoon! I was thrilled! There are plants coming up in my little flower beds but I have no idea what they are and was hoping that Jackie could fill me in on some of them. Jackie also has two great kids that my kids just LOVE to play with. While Jackie and I were ripping through the dirt, the kids were playing in the backyard. Once we were done fixing up my flower bed, I got out the Easter egg pinata for them.
Rachel was up first and Nate was really excited as you can probably tell! :)

Sean's wack at it got a tear in exciting.

Emma-Lyn and Seth also had a go at it.

Then Nate brought the whole thing home which sent lots of foil wrapped Easter eggs flying all over the backyard!

Rachel was very good at getting the booty off the ground and in her bowl! :)

Nate was all about getting the things unwrapped so he could enjoy all the chocolatey goodness.

After all that fun the kids headed inside and the adults decided to have a nice rest in the living room...that is until Sean decided that it would be a good time to roughhouse Daddy. This is the first time he's ever really invited his friends to come help roughhouse Daddy and my lands, was it ever funny!!

The good old fashioned horsey rides for three!

Followed up with leg rides!
Marko sure got a great workout today!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Have Great Kids...

Really I do and I love them to bits, but there are days and moments that sometimes can get a little hairy...and maybe my kids aren't being as great as they normally are or maybe their Mommy isn't being as great as she could be...

Take today for example -- I woke up and everything was going great...mostly because everyone else was still asleep and I could get a head start. With the long weekend starting on Friday, I had today slotted for cleaning day. This means vacuuming, dusting, mopping, you get the idea. And now that we found the old owners vacuum that doesn't make half the noise our own vacuum does, the kids are extra excited about helping out. YAY!

I had high hopes of leisurely getting through the cleaning, letting Sean do the vacuuming while Emma-Lyn and I dusted (the girl loves to wipe stuff with cloths so I thought this would be the perfect job for her). Sean was excited about his assignment, but I have to say that Emma-Lyn was less than impressed about her job. I think that after she heard what Sean was doing she was hoping to use something a little more exciting than an old rag!

With that sorted we get to work...Emma-Lyn missed getting to the toilet in time and had to get changed..ugh...I know I need a lot more grace with this, but all I can say. I could say more but it would take too long to type.

So with that finally dealt with and the wheels just ever so slightly coming off, I hear Sean call up to me about something Nate had done...Oh no, I thought, what now?! And then, as I turned the corner there was my vacuum with the main lid ripped off, the bag pulled out, the filter and casing off and little bits of ripped up filter strewn on the floor. It is an understatement to say that I was less than impressed. The vacuum -- the only vacuum that any of us likes -- and now it's in pieces on my living room floor?!! Ugh.

Did I mention that last night my computer died? You know, the one with all my pictures on it and my homeschooling resources on it? maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind for this mishap. Maybe I could have done with a bit more sleep or maybe....well, anyways I'd had it. I sent the kids packing upstairs and had my own meltdown. Not pretty I know, and obviously I'm much too old for such behaviour, but there you have it -- reality. Not always pretty.

Now, while I was trying to figure out what to do next I could hear my kids whispering to each other that maybe they should give me a hug...then they called through the heat register, "Mommy, I love you!" No sweeter words have I ever heard.

Wow, I needed that.

It may not have been the greatest day and I may not have been the greatest Mommy but I do have GREAT kids. Is it bad to say that I'm thankful that they're all sleeping at the moment? ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea Party Time!!

Sometimes routine can get a bit boring so we like to spice things up a bit with tea parties or shadow puppets or whatever comes to mind. Since there was a lovely winter storm watch for our area we thought a nice tea party would be just the thing to chase those snowflakes away! :)

The kids love it! They love getting into their dress up clothes and having Mommy dress up too. We had lemonade to drink and cheese and crackers and chocolate cookies! We had candlelight and nice music in the background. The kids brought their stuffies with them and I do believe we all had a grand time!! Wanna see?!! :)

The guests and our munchies.

Just thought this was an adorable shot of Emma-Lyn...So sweet!

And then there's Sean being his usual crazy self!! LOL So not to be out done, Emma-Lyn gave it a go...

Classy, Emma-Lyn!! :)
Then Sean pulled out his cuteness factor...Love the fact that the lamb he's holding onto used to be Marko's when he was a little boy.

Course by this time the kids wanted to try their hand at taking some photos...So here is Emma-Lyn's first attempt...
Yep, my legs...Great eh...okay, lets try again shall we?

Well, at least we got my head in this shot! :)

Ahh, now that's more like it! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Having a bit of a time here trying to figure out what to write...what's important...what do people actually want to read and when am I just blathering on?

Ooooh I know what!! Bet you'll never guess where I'm typing this post from!! Up until now I have always had to trek into the kitchen (sometimes with my warm blanky draped around me) But not anymore!! :) Thanks to my thoughtful hubby, I am no longer bound to my desk!! He got me an early Mother's Day gift! My very own little netbook!! So right this very minute I am happily typing away with my feet up on the coffee table and my bum plopped ever so comfortably on the couch!! YEEE HAW! :) Its taking a bit of getting used to but I really like it! Its a snappy blue colour too!

Today the kids and I went out to the garage and brought out the sled/wagon that Grampa and Gramma Hope got them for Christmas. It still had it's winter runners on so it was high time we got the wheels on it and take it for a spin! The kids were ever so thrilled, we circled around the driveway a couple of times and then we went for a brisk the wind was cold this morning!! Can't wait to go for longer walks maybe even picnics with this rig! :)

After Nate went down for his nap, Sean and Emma-Lyn and I got to work on our Easter pinata. We grabbed balloon and started the ol' paper mache. My lands was it ever messy! Glad I remembered to get the kids to wear their smocks before diving into the stuff! They really enjoyed it, but were a little flustered when they realized that they could no longer play with the balloon....and of course this was the last balloon in the house! :)

I was going to make cookies today but only got the dough needed to be refrigerated anyways and the roast had to go in the oven! Mmmmm, yunmmy roast! Marko says he'd really like to clean out a cookie dough bowl, so maybe I should go get that done. :)

And this is our Easter egg pinata so far! Lovely eh? :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Weekend!!

It was a most wonderful weekend!! My folks came for their first visit to our new home on Saturday!! The boat isn't open yet so they had to drive all the way around, which meant a very long drive for them, but I'm ever so happy they had the stamina and enthusiasm to make the trip! I went running out in my sock feet to greet them and give them the backyard tour.

Marko and Sean had been out shopping and came home just after we had finished the house tour. It was so fun to show them our place and see how much they liked it too. The kids were super excited to see Gramma, Grampa and Auntie Karina too. But I think they really loved playing with their dog, Trooper. I wish I had a picture of her because she is just so sweet and the kids loved her. She even got to have a sleep over at our place. I loved having a dog again, if only for a day!

I'm happy to announce that my first real turkey dinner was a success! Mom brought potatoes and we had asparagus in a cheese sauce and stuffing, and honey glazed carrots and rolls...YUMMMY! Grammie Peric came for dinner too and we all had a fine time eating and talking and laughing with (at) the children. :)

After supper we settled in the living room and went through our bedtime routine of pray time and story time. Sean insisted that everyone pray and he even helped Grampy pray which was really sweet. Then Grampy got the honour of reading the stories. Sean decided to "read" Dr.Suess' Sleep Book for us. Apparently the boy has the book memorized! We stayed up to chat for a wee bit before the folks headed over to their suite for the night, leaving us with their sweet pooch to take care of. Trooper did really well on her sleep over, she barked only a couple times and then setttled in for the night.

In the morning after breakfast we decided to walk over to where Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Karina were staying. They had a lovely suite at Lane's Cottages...It had a most spectacular view and the accommodations themselves were awesome! My folks are looking forward to coming back often! :)

Once back at our place we settled in the living room and enjoyed visiting and nibbling on crackers and cheese and grapes and watching the children do "gymnastics" for us. For lunch we were treated to Gramma's seafood chowder (for those who enjoy that kind of thing) and pizza soup (for those who do not enjoy the seafood so much)...It was sooooo delicious! The Hopes were back on the road heading home to Nova Scotia soon after. It was such a wonderful visit! Can't wait to go over there and visit.

That afternoon after naps and quiet time we decided to go out for supper at the Dynasty Restaurant. Both Marko and I had a hankering for some Chinese food. We were finished fairly quickly so we thought we'd go for a wee drive before the evening service at church...and this all went well until we thought we'd try a road we'd never been down before...mistake!

Even as we were winding down the muddy, rutted road Marko mentioned going back, but I was confident that the car could handle it and encouraged him to keep going....mistake...

Marko listened to me and not long after we got most firmly stuck in some very hard packed snow...Once we realized the car was not going any further, I started to laugh. Couldn't help it... We got out and tried our best at shoveling and scooping and pushing, but there was no way, no how that our car was going anywhere. The kids by this time were getting antsy and we realized we needed help, so while I got the kids out of the car, Marko called his boss to see if he wouldn't mind coming down in his truck to help us out. Thankfully, the day was warm and we had mired ourselves in a very beautiful spot. There was a stream nearby that the kids and I could toss stones and twigs into, which the kids thought was the best thing since sliced bread. We convinced them that we were on an adventure and they really enjoyed it. I was also thankful to find a stroller in our trunk and I was ever so happy that we had stopped by the Superstore earlier and had some blueberry muffins to help pass the time.

It wasn't long before Kevan came with his truck and rope and slowly but surely was able to pull our car back up the hill and out of the snow... I was soooo happy and by this time getting cold as were the kids. We happily thanked Kevan and piled back into the car...This is one Sunday I shall not soon forget. To be honest, I really enjoyed our adventure, it taught me the value of having an upbeat attitude during a trying circumstance. :) I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

The Hopes at our house!!! YAY!

Gramma and her great girl!

Ummm, okay this pic was supposed to be the last one, but oh well....would you look at what I found growing my backyard!!! So excited to find this! :)
Gramps and his kiddos reading together...:)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Too Busy

Ever have one of those days or weeks or maybe you have one of those lives that seem oh so busy all the time?! This past week was too busy for me! 4 times I drove into Charlottetown and 2 times I drove my hubby to work. And for someone who doesn't do a whole lot of driving on a regular basis, that was a lot of driving to do in a short span of time! Phew! Looking forward to this week and less trips to town.

On Monday I had to take Nate in for his check up and I have to say it was one of the fastest doctor's appointments I have ever been to. We hardly waited in the waiting room and once in the examination room the doctor was in and out in no time. It hardly seemed fair to go right home after that so we headed over to Value Village where I picked up a sweet wok! I have been looking for one for some time and was super pleased to find this one. And I found a cute little teapot that I just couldn't resist and nice little dress for Emma-Lyn. The kids also picked out a few dinkies to take home. Enjoyed stir fry for supper on my new wok! :)

Tuesday was Bible study morning so into town we went and the kids had play time while I got to chat with other moms and read the refreshing! Afterwards we went to McDonalds for lunch...Have I mentioned yet the Emma-Lyn is doing an amazing job with potty training?! She finally is into it. I put panties on her and she was hooked, wanted to wear them all the time! And for those few times she soiled them a good friend mentioned to tell her that the princess or other character on he panties is sad when she wets them...this worked like magic!! (Thanks Sarah for that helpful hint) Unfortunately when she is so busy playing she still sometimes forgets to go pee and so there we were at the playplace at McDonalds and she wet her pants and I had not extra clothes...ugh...Thankfully friends were there to help out and we got home without an accident.

On Wednesday we were back in town because the homeschoolers had set up a field trip to the Charlottetown Police Department. I left Nate and Emma-Lyn with Bonnie and took Sean to the station. It was a really good tour, but they were not ready for such a large group and they had to split us up and we ended up having to wait an hour or so before going on the tour. The kids did enjoy it and liked meeting their K-9 unit! And seeing the lights on the patrol cars is always a hit.

On Thursday I was in town again for a homeschooling meeting. I love getting out to these as often as possible. Its just so nice to get together with other moms and hear what they're doing and whats working as well as whats not and to help come up with some practical solutions. This time I brought my friend Jackie with me and we had a grand time!

Friday...oh poor Friday...I was sooo fried by this point and all my energy had left but Friday is my cleaning day...needless to say it was not the most accomplished cleaning day. We did manage to try out a new recipe but, it was in my opinion, a flop. I have been wanting to find a good lemon chicken recipe and I thought this was going to be it...but it was just soooo tart and icky...but hey, we tried it...guess I'll keep looking for that recipe or convince Marko that it's time to go out for Chinese!! :)

And now I leave you with these cute pics:

We have begun what I hope will be a wonderful routine/tradition. Cleaning up after supper together. Hopefully it will become a time to chat and discuss ideas/events and clean up all at the same time. Right now we're working on the logistics of it all, but I'm loving how it's working out for us.