Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun in the Sun

What an absolutely beautiful day it was today!! The sun was shining and it was actually warm outside!! You would actually think that spring had finally arrived! I wasn't so sure we were actually going to get spring after our snow storm last week which got me this photo:

These are right in the middle of the yard...not sure why but hey, they're cute.

Today we decided to have lunch on the deck. The kids LOVED it! They sat at their little picnic table while Marko and I used a big bucket for our table--guess we know what we need to get for the deck!

Ta-Da! It was so nice to sit out on our very own deck and enjoy the sunshine and sandwiches together.
Nate had been napping when the rest of us had our lunch but, we thought he might like the change of scenery too. And he did but he mostly just wanted to get down and start playing in the yard.

It wasn't long before Sean had Daddy out playing ball with him and he even let Emma-Lyn give it a go!
Getting ready to swing!

And Sean got a few good hits too.

Just as we were finishing up lunch I got a call from my good friend Jackie who had some flowers for me and would be dropping by to help get them planted that afternoon! I was thrilled! There are plants coming up in my little flower beds but I have no idea what they are and was hoping that Jackie could fill me in on some of them. Jackie also has two great kids that my kids just LOVE to play with. While Jackie and I were ripping through the dirt, the kids were playing in the backyard. Once we were done fixing up my flower bed, I got out the Easter egg pinata for them.
Rachel was up first and Nate was really excited as you can probably tell! :)

Sean's wack at it got a tear in exciting.

Emma-Lyn and Seth also had a go at it.

Then Nate brought the whole thing home which sent lots of foil wrapped Easter eggs flying all over the backyard!

Rachel was very good at getting the booty off the ground and in her bowl! :)

Nate was all about getting the things unwrapped so he could enjoy all the chocolatey goodness.

After all that fun the kids headed inside and the adults decided to have a nice rest in the living room...that is until Sean decided that it would be a good time to roughhouse Daddy. This is the first time he's ever really invited his friends to come help roughhouse Daddy and my lands, was it ever funny!!

The good old fashioned horsey rides for three!

Followed up with leg rides!
Marko sure got a great workout today!!

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