Monday, April 18, 2011


Having a bit of a time here trying to figure out what to write...what's important...what do people actually want to read and when am I just blathering on?

Ooooh I know what!! Bet you'll never guess where I'm typing this post from!! Up until now I have always had to trek into the kitchen (sometimes with my warm blanky draped around me) But not anymore!! :) Thanks to my thoughtful hubby, I am no longer bound to my desk!! He got me an early Mother's Day gift! My very own little netbook!! So right this very minute I am happily typing away with my feet up on the coffee table and my bum plopped ever so comfortably on the couch!! YEEE HAW! :) Its taking a bit of getting used to but I really like it! Its a snappy blue colour too!

Today the kids and I went out to the garage and brought out the sled/wagon that Grampa and Gramma Hope got them for Christmas. It still had it's winter runners on so it was high time we got the wheels on it and take it for a spin! The kids were ever so thrilled, we circled around the driveway a couple of times and then we went for a brisk the wind was cold this morning!! Can't wait to go for longer walks maybe even picnics with this rig! :)

After Nate went down for his nap, Sean and Emma-Lyn and I got to work on our Easter pinata. We grabbed balloon and started the ol' paper mache. My lands was it ever messy! Glad I remembered to get the kids to wear their smocks before diving into the stuff! They really enjoyed it, but were a little flustered when they realized that they could no longer play with the balloon....and of course this was the last balloon in the house! :)

I was going to make cookies today but only got the dough needed to be refrigerated anyways and the roast had to go in the oven! Mmmmm, yunmmy roast! Marko says he'd really like to clean out a cookie dough bowl, so maybe I should go get that done. :)

And this is our Easter egg pinata so far! Lovely eh? :)

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