Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun burnt!!

I am happy to say that I am currently sporting a sun burn...okay so most normal people would not be happy about this...I am happy about it because it means that it was warm enough outside to stay outside and just enjoy the warmth without having to be bundled up. I LOVED it! I didn't think I would be out there all that long, but my was it ever nice to just sit and relax on the deck while the kiddos played in the yard.

I did manage to get some work done today too. I got two loads of laundry out on the line and did some more yard work. I piled Emma-Lyn and Nate into their little red wagon, which they have named "The Red Rocket" and off we went to the post office. Emma-Lyn had spent the entire trip sitting on her knees which meant that when we got home her legs had fallen asleep and she could not for the life of her stand up...too funny. I sat her down on one of our deck chairs and as the feeling started to return to her legs she started to complain that there were little bugs in her legs. Too funny.

With Sean away on his sleepover at Grammie Peric's, I was able to get Nate and Emma-Lyn down for their naps at the same time and it was bliss! Just to have time to myself, with no one asking me to do or be anything.

Sean got home at 5 and had had a great time visiting with his Grammie and Auntie. He and Linda had taken the training wheels of his bike and tried out getting the hang of balancing on his bike. He also got some time to practice playing baseball. Apparently he did quite well and seems to be getting the hang of hitting the ball with the bat.

I'm pretty sure all the kids were asleep even before their heads hit their pillows! :)

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