Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea Party Time!!

Sometimes routine can get a bit boring so we like to spice things up a bit with tea parties or shadow puppets or whatever comes to mind. Since there was a lovely winter storm watch for our area we thought a nice tea party would be just the thing to chase those snowflakes away! :)

The kids love it! They love getting into their dress up clothes and having Mommy dress up too. We had lemonade to drink and cheese and crackers and chocolate cookies! We had candlelight and nice music in the background. The kids brought their stuffies with them and I do believe we all had a grand time!! Wanna see?!! :)

The guests and our munchies.

Just thought this was an adorable shot of Emma-Lyn...So sweet!

And then there's Sean being his usual crazy self!! LOL So not to be out done, Emma-Lyn gave it a go...

Classy, Emma-Lyn!! :)
Then Sean pulled out his cuteness factor...Love the fact that the lamb he's holding onto used to be Marko's when he was a little boy.

Course by this time the kids wanted to try their hand at taking some photos...So here is Emma-Lyn's first attempt...
Yep, my legs...Great eh...okay, lets try again shall we?

Well, at least we got my head in this shot! :)

Ahh, now that's more like it! :)

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