Monday, April 04, 2011

Too Busy

Ever have one of those days or weeks or maybe you have one of those lives that seem oh so busy all the time?! This past week was too busy for me! 4 times I drove into Charlottetown and 2 times I drove my hubby to work. And for someone who doesn't do a whole lot of driving on a regular basis, that was a lot of driving to do in a short span of time! Phew! Looking forward to this week and less trips to town.

On Monday I had to take Nate in for his check up and I have to say it was one of the fastest doctor's appointments I have ever been to. We hardly waited in the waiting room and once in the examination room the doctor was in and out in no time. It hardly seemed fair to go right home after that so we headed over to Value Village where I picked up a sweet wok! I have been looking for one for some time and was super pleased to find this one. And I found a cute little teapot that I just couldn't resist and nice little dress for Emma-Lyn. The kids also picked out a few dinkies to take home. Enjoyed stir fry for supper on my new wok! :)

Tuesday was Bible study morning so into town we went and the kids had play time while I got to chat with other moms and read the refreshing! Afterwards we went to McDonalds for lunch...Have I mentioned yet the Emma-Lyn is doing an amazing job with potty training?! She finally is into it. I put panties on her and she was hooked, wanted to wear them all the time! And for those few times she soiled them a good friend mentioned to tell her that the princess or other character on he panties is sad when she wets them...this worked like magic!! (Thanks Sarah for that helpful hint) Unfortunately when she is so busy playing she still sometimes forgets to go pee and so there we were at the playplace at McDonalds and she wet her pants and I had not extra clothes...ugh...Thankfully friends were there to help out and we got home without an accident.

On Wednesday we were back in town because the homeschoolers had set up a field trip to the Charlottetown Police Department. I left Nate and Emma-Lyn with Bonnie and took Sean to the station. It was a really good tour, but they were not ready for such a large group and they had to split us up and we ended up having to wait an hour or so before going on the tour. The kids did enjoy it and liked meeting their K-9 unit! And seeing the lights on the patrol cars is always a hit.

On Thursday I was in town again for a homeschooling meeting. I love getting out to these as often as possible. Its just so nice to get together with other moms and hear what they're doing and whats working as well as whats not and to help come up with some practical solutions. This time I brought my friend Jackie with me and we had a grand time!

Friday...oh poor Friday...I was sooo fried by this point and all my energy had left but Friday is my cleaning day...needless to say it was not the most accomplished cleaning day. We did manage to try out a new recipe but, it was in my opinion, a flop. I have been wanting to find a good lemon chicken recipe and I thought this was going to be it...but it was just soooo tart and icky...but hey, we tried it...guess I'll keep looking for that recipe or convince Marko that it's time to go out for Chinese!! :)

And now I leave you with these cute pics:

We have begun what I hope will be a wonderful routine/tradition. Cleaning up after supper together. Hopefully it will become a time to chat and discuss ideas/events and clean up all at the same time. Right now we're working on the logistics of it all, but I'm loving how it's working out for us.

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Sarah said...

I'm glad the tip is working for you!! My sister made the best lemon chicken not long ago, I will ask her for the recipe and get it to you. I'm not a big fan, but this was delicious!