Monday, April 11, 2011

What a Weekend!!

It was a most wonderful weekend!! My folks came for their first visit to our new home on Saturday!! The boat isn't open yet so they had to drive all the way around, which meant a very long drive for them, but I'm ever so happy they had the stamina and enthusiasm to make the trip! I went running out in my sock feet to greet them and give them the backyard tour.

Marko and Sean had been out shopping and came home just after we had finished the house tour. It was so fun to show them our place and see how much they liked it too. The kids were super excited to see Gramma, Grampa and Auntie Karina too. But I think they really loved playing with their dog, Trooper. I wish I had a picture of her because she is just so sweet and the kids loved her. She even got to have a sleep over at our place. I loved having a dog again, if only for a day!

I'm happy to announce that my first real turkey dinner was a success! Mom brought potatoes and we had asparagus in a cheese sauce and stuffing, and honey glazed carrots and rolls...YUMMMY! Grammie Peric came for dinner too and we all had a fine time eating and talking and laughing with (at) the children. :)

After supper we settled in the living room and went through our bedtime routine of pray time and story time. Sean insisted that everyone pray and he even helped Grampy pray which was really sweet. Then Grampy got the honour of reading the stories. Sean decided to "read" Dr.Suess' Sleep Book for us. Apparently the boy has the book memorized! We stayed up to chat for a wee bit before the folks headed over to their suite for the night, leaving us with their sweet pooch to take care of. Trooper did really well on her sleep over, she barked only a couple times and then setttled in for the night.

In the morning after breakfast we decided to walk over to where Gramma and Grampa and Auntie Karina were staying. They had a lovely suite at Lane's Cottages...It had a most spectacular view and the accommodations themselves were awesome! My folks are looking forward to coming back often! :)

Once back at our place we settled in the living room and enjoyed visiting and nibbling on crackers and cheese and grapes and watching the children do "gymnastics" for us. For lunch we were treated to Gramma's seafood chowder (for those who enjoy that kind of thing) and pizza soup (for those who do not enjoy the seafood so much)...It was sooooo delicious! The Hopes were back on the road heading home to Nova Scotia soon after. It was such a wonderful visit! Can't wait to go over there and visit.

That afternoon after naps and quiet time we decided to go out for supper at the Dynasty Restaurant. Both Marko and I had a hankering for some Chinese food. We were finished fairly quickly so we thought we'd go for a wee drive before the evening service at church...and this all went well until we thought we'd try a road we'd never been down before...mistake!

Even as we were winding down the muddy, rutted road Marko mentioned going back, but I was confident that the car could handle it and encouraged him to keep going....mistake...

Marko listened to me and not long after we got most firmly stuck in some very hard packed snow...Once we realized the car was not going any further, I started to laugh. Couldn't help it... We got out and tried our best at shoveling and scooping and pushing, but there was no way, no how that our car was going anywhere. The kids by this time were getting antsy and we realized we needed help, so while I got the kids out of the car, Marko called his boss to see if he wouldn't mind coming down in his truck to help us out. Thankfully, the day was warm and we had mired ourselves in a very beautiful spot. There was a stream nearby that the kids and I could toss stones and twigs into, which the kids thought was the best thing since sliced bread. We convinced them that we were on an adventure and they really enjoyed it. I was also thankful to find a stroller in our trunk and I was ever so happy that we had stopped by the Superstore earlier and had some blueberry muffins to help pass the time.

It wasn't long before Kevan came with his truck and rope and slowly but surely was able to pull our car back up the hill and out of the snow... I was soooo happy and by this time getting cold as were the kids. We happily thanked Kevan and piled back into the car...This is one Sunday I shall not soon forget. To be honest, I really enjoyed our adventure, it taught me the value of having an upbeat attitude during a trying circumstance. :) I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well.

The Hopes at our house!!! YAY!

Gramma and her great girl!

Ummm, okay this pic was supposed to be the last one, but oh well....would you look at what I found growing my backyard!!! So excited to find this! :)
Gramps and his kiddos reading together...:)

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Diane & Alfred said...

Enjoyed your "weekend story" and heard from Grampy Hope that you had a great time. Glad you are all enjoying your new home. All the best. Diane