Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Getting Schooled...

Always thought it was the kids that were supposed to learn stuff...turns out I have A LOT to learn about A LOT of stuff!! :) And apparently my kids are ever so eager to enlighten me! :)

A few things I've learned as a parent...

1) Don't leave scissors on the table...the youngest will get them and use them to cut the oldest one's thumb.

2) Find out how bad said cut is before you brush off the child's howls of pain as being overly dramatic.

3) Explain to your 3 year old BEFORE you walk to the bank that you are actually going to leave her money there and not take it back home again.

4) If you haven't heard your kids making any noise for the past 5 minutes, it is high time you go check on them...bring your sense of humour 'cause you're gonna need it!!

5) Vaseline is a horrible product to try and get out of children's hair, clothes, upholstery or anything else you can think of really!

6) Fingers are meant for holes...end of story. Good luck trying to convince them otherwise.

7) The toilet bowl is a magical place. Apparently the "wand" for the bowl of delight is way beyond awesome and must be sought after every time the bathroom door opens.

8) Dirt is now a major food group...(this is more the third one's philosophy than the other two)

9) If you want them to put food in their mouth, they will play with it instead...likewise toys which are meant to be played with, will now be in their mouth.

10) Hugs are great, kisses are wonderful but zerberts (imagine blowing a raspberry on some random part of the body) are HILARIOUS!!! And there will be much begging for zerberts...especially if the kids get to zerbert Daddy's belly!!!

My monkeys!

And the following pics are what I have found growing in my flowerbeds thus far:

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