Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend!

This has been the best Mother's Day weekend! It was a delight from start 'til finish!

For me it began on Friday evening when Sean voluntarily washed the supper dishes. Marko was going to be late from work so that made getting things done a little tricky, but with Sean at the sink I could get Nate in bed and Emma-Lyn up to brush her teeth in no time. When I got back downstairs to help Sean, he had most of them done! He did a great job too!

Saturday morning was such an immense blessing! The kiddos slept in!!! Until nearly 8:00!! They are normally up at 7:00, so this was awesome! As soon as they got up Emma-Lyn came in to snuggle with us while Sean got dressed and headed downstairs to play...or so we thought. At about 8:30 Nate was getting restless in his crib so we decided it was time to finally get out of bed. So we all got dressed and as we were heading downstairs Sean called out to us to close our eyes. We played along and came to the kitchen with our eyes shut and at his instruction we opened them and there before us was a table set for breakfast--everyone had been taken care of. Nate had peanut butter toast and milk to drink, I had a peanut butter sandwich with hot chocolate to drink, Marko had cereal with water to drink, Emma-Lyn also had cereal and milk to drink...and Sean made himself a toasted marshmallow and honey sandwich!! It was awesome!! I was so surprised!! Especially with the hot chocolate he had made...didn't even know that he could make hot chocolate (later I came to discover that he had made the hot chocolate right in the electric kettle--thankfully it came clean.)

After breakfast we puttered about the yard, we cut tulips for bouquets for the Grammies and another bouquet for our neighbour. Marko walked with the kids to get gas for the lawn mower while I transplanted a few things in the backyard. When they returned I took the kids to the post office. I'm so glad to have the little red wagon for excursions like these. Emma-Lyn and Nate fit quite nicely in it and Sean is happy to walk along. Marko had the lawn mowed and looking great by the time we got home. Before lunch we were able to put up a shelf in Sean and Emma-Lyn's room. The shelf was made by Marko when he was in high school. It now holds their rocket ship alarm clock, their own bouquet of tulips and Sean's piggy bank...Emma-Lyn's piggy bank is currently MIA.

After lunch Sean played with our neighbour's child. Brianna is 8 and really seems to enjoy Sean's company. They had a blast together...must have played for a solid 3 hours or more. After Emma-Lyn got up from her nap, she and I headed out on our date.

I love taking the kids out for our dates. Right now it's just Emma-Lyn and Sean that enjoy this quality time but when Nate gets older he'll get his own private time with Mommy and Daddy. This has been such a huge thing for our family. What better gift to give a loved one, than your time and undivided attention! I know I love it and the kids love it too!! Emma-Lyn and I went to McDonald's and split an order of fries and an orange Fruitopia. She is one hilarious kid! I don't remember everything she said and I'm not entirely sure it all made sense but it was funny! After our snack we did some shopping. Picked up some craft supplies at Buy-Rite then we were off to Sobeys for the groceries and then stopped at the Nabuurs Gardens to pick up a hanging flower basket.

When we got home we off loaded our stuff then the whole family jumped in the car to head to the Superstore to pick up a few last things. On the way back Sean decided he wanted to walk back so he and Daddy walked home while I took the other two in the car. I had only been able to get the kids in the house and partly started supper when they got home. I took all the kiddos up for their bath while Marko finished up supper prep. We had wings, salad and garlic bread!! YUM! The kids loved the wings and gulped down as much garlic bread and salad as they could hold. It was a great day!

Sunday was another special day for us as my family came to visit! And what a visit it was--so busy. As soon as they landed we all set to work. Marko and Grampa Hope got to work putting up the kids' play set. My mom and sister and I got to work planting flowers, ripping up ground for my vegetable garden and chopping down a bush in the backyard. And all the while we chatted and had a fine time. I think the kids felt a little short changed since usually they get to play with Grampa Hope quite a bit. Gramma Hope had brought a tasty lunch of beef noodle casserole which we enjoyed eating out on the lawn. Later for snack we had some smoked salmon and dill pinwheels that I made...yummy! I can't wait to get working in my garden! But Marko and I still have a bit of work to do on the play set before that can happen.

After the Hopes left we headed over to visit Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda. It was nice to visit them and wish Grammie Peric a Happy Mother's Day. It was such a full day and a very delightful weekend! So I hope all you mothers out there enjoyed a splendid day with loved ones!

Now for some pictures...the first few are of Nate eating his first ice cream cone ever!

"Oooh I think I'm going to like this!!"

"Yep, I'm digging this..."

"Oooh Yeah Baby!!"
"Have you been holding out on me all this time?!"

"I'm gonna need more."

"On second thought...I think I had too much supper..."

"Nah, there's always room for ice cream!!"

The men working on the play set.

The garden area and Auntie Karina hacking away at the bush.

Nate decided that he would act like Trooper (my folks' dog) and drink out of her dish!


mary evans said...

I love the date night idea - often if one of us has time alone with just one of the kids, it's by accident, and arranging it properly would really make it special. Do you find they behave differently on their own than together? I sure do!

Laura said...

We're really enjoying the dates. Yes, the kids definitely act differently on their own than when together!! How are things in your home now that you have three little ones? :)