Monday, May 30, 2011

My Favourite Hair Pulling Memory of My Kiddos..

So last week I had a few fun and sweet moments to share about the kids and today I have for you the most memorable moment where you just don't know what to think, what to do next or where to send the kids!!

It was the weekend and as was our tradition Marko and I got up with the kids got them some snacks and drinks, put on their favourite Saturday morning cartoons and we headed back to bed...Ahhhh, the way weekends were meant to be enjoyed.

That is until Sean came into our room all excited and yelling, "Quick, you have to come to the living room, quick. It's Emma-Lyn she's got stuff and you have to come quick." It should be noted at this point that it would not have mattered how "quick" we were, there was no saving the situation. As we scrambled out of our bedroom and into the living room we were met with every parents child slathered in Vaseline...from head to toe. But the horror didn't stop there, then your eyes scan the room and you realize that not only is she covered in the oily cream but also the coffee table, the cushions on the couch have a good coating, the floor and yes, she also managed to get a few good globs of the stuff all over the micro suede ottomans. Yipeee?!

Should you laugh? Should you cry? I ran and grabbed Emma-Lyn and attempted to clean the Vaseline out of her. Even after 7 shampoos she was still a little oil slick! Unbelievable. Marko got the fun job of cleaning the furniture. His first job of course was to Google 'what do you do to get Vaseline out of everything!!!' We tried every possible home remedy to get the stuff out and met with some success and a whole lot of failure. That said, we still have the ottomans and the couch... And we decided to keep the daughter too. She's just too cute!!

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