Monday, May 23, 2011

They Make You Laugh, They Make You Cry...

And sometimes they just make you scratch your head. Kids! I love my kids but sometimes I'm just left scratching my head in wonder. "Why did they just do that?" "Is there a method to their madness?!" "Do they have any idea how sweet they are?"

Here are just a few recent kids stories I thought I'd share with you all.

On Saturday after lunch when Nate and Emma-Lyn were down for naps, Sean decided he would make a snack for Marko and I. He got out the baby carrots, a cutting board and a butter knife. He dutifully cut up a good bunch of them and then asked for a pot. We gave him one and set it up on the stove for him. We gave him instructions on how to make cooked carrots (at this point we did not realize that this was for us). Marko and I went to the living room to relax when we heard the microwave beeping so we asked Sean what he was up to. Oh, just part of the snack he was making. Then came the questions, "Mommy, how much butter do you like on your carrots?" "I like butter." "Daddy, how much butter do you like on your carrots?" "Mmm not that much, don't like much butter or salt." "Do you like salt Mommy?" "Yep, I'm okay with salt." "Okay." Happy puttering after this. Soon there was a knock at the patio door and it was the next door neighbour wanting Sean to come out to play. He called to us and said that he was finished cooking and out he went...We were left with cooked carrots which were about to be brushed with butter and placed into "bowls" yogurt containers and a warmed up cheesy bun to be shared! Needless to say Marko and I enjoyed our snack. :)

One day this past week I was getting supper together while Sean played outside and Nate and Emma-Lyn amused themselves upstairs. I soon realized that perhaps things were not going as planned upstairs when Nate started howling. I quickly ran up the stairs to find Emma-Lyn chasing Nate with one of his sleepers yelling, "Nate, you have to get dressed for bed!!" Somehow she had already managed to wrangle his shirt off him, which I am sure was the reason for his howling. She had every intent to get him undressed and into his PJs! Nate, on the other hand, was having none of this. Thankfully Emma-Lyn let me take over and everyone was a lot happier.

One sunny morning when Marko was on his way out to work, the kids and I were all outside. I was finishing putting my laundry on the line and Sean was puttering around on his bike while Emma-Lyn and Nate ran around. Sean was looking for help with his bike, he wanted someone to hold the back of the seat and push while he attempted to pedal (the training wheels are off at this point). Marko was trying to get his gear into the car, I was still busy but Nate decided he would step up to help. He found a place to hold onto the back of the bike and started pushing. Sean was thrilled!

And those are my kids! Love em, love em, love em. :) Tune in next week when I share some of the more hair raising things they've done. :)

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Andy said...

Your kid's stories are so cute! Now, I'm following you. I don't have a kid but I have a lot of nephews who were so adorable. Great writing!God Bless! WordsAndPen