Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hannah Canfield!!!

Yessiree, she is the winner. This wild gal took the initiative to go ahead and start counting my blog posts so she most certainly deserves to win! Smart girl too, since she went from the most recent blog post and was able to stop when she found the blog title that read, "This is my 700th Post" So, now you know, this is blog post 800!!

And now Hannah, your prize is a photo shoot by yours truly!! So find a bunch of your closest friends and pick a location and a date and we shall have ourselves a time!! I'm going to set you up with your very own photo album of fun shots of you and friends to take with you to BC!! What could be better?!

1 comment:

hannahcanfield said...

ahh! :D YAY! this is like the first "contest" I've won in a while! and a photoshoot?! duuude! totally game. I will let you know! :D