Monday, June 06, 2011

One More Blog Post...

and I will have reached a significant number of posts!! Can you guess what that number might be? Not only will you receive a prize if you guess correctly but you will also have your very own name as the title of the next blog post! You have until next Monday to get your guess in! Just leave your guess in the comment section of this post. :)

In other news, this past week has been a busy one! We finally got our garage cleaned out! Marko and I have been hounding the previous owners' real estate agent to take care of this and finally the man has come through and I can actually see the entire inside of my garage! It is amazing. This has also meant that all the stuff we've had crammed in closets and such has now been moved to the garage!

Doesn't that look great! It was jam packed full of all the previous owner's crap plus some of our own stuff. I should have taken a picture before they came to clean up the joint but, alas, I forgot.

Now on this very same day my good friend Jackie came by for a wee visit and we had a grand time but, just as she was leaving Nate did a header off the front step onto the concrete! Yikes!! I rushed him right into the house and cleaned up the blood to take a better look at his head. After both Jackie and I checked it out we decided it would be best to head to the ER. Kindly she looked after Emma-Lyn and Sean while I took her car and drove to the hospital.

We got in fairly quickly and the doctor said that seeing as Nate didn't black out or have any other difficulties that the best course of action would be to keep the wound clean and bandaged and he should be good in no time. The doctor was right!! It has just about been a week and Nate is doing great, his cuts are all but gone and now we can take the bandage off his head. But here's a look at how the poor little guy looked the following day.

Quite the little bruiser! Sean and Emma-Lyn got a little freaked out when I left so quickly with Nate. Sean made things better by making an x-ray machine out of books and a cardboard box, using it to take care of his "hurt" stuffed puppy! Ya gotta love the imagination of kids! :)


Amanda Longmoore said...

Hey Meemer! Ooooo... sorry to hear about Nate! Kids are tough, eh?
My guess for your blog # is 1000. Not sure if I'm close or not. :D

hannahcanfield said...

since I'm lame and counted the first bunch, I'm going to say 800 :)
it seems like a big number, but 1000 also seems bigger. nonetheless.. Im sticking with my 800 guess :D

Sarah said...

I'm going to guess 500 for your posts!! Glad Nate is doing better, the poor guy!

Sassy_Canuk said...

i was going to say 500, but i'll go with 750 :)

Jacqueline said...

I'm going to guess 900. I laughed at what Hannah said - thought about doing the same thing but it was too much work! ;)