Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What?!!

I have a new blog!! I know, just what I need right? Cause, I'm so good with posting on this blog. My new blog is more of a project. A friend of mine invited me to start something called "Project 365." Basically it's just taking a picture every day and posting it. I'm hoping it will help me to think a bit more creatively and come up with some interesting shots...we'll see. So yeah, I have my first two posts up already. :) The blog is called Candy Coated Colours and you can visit it by clicking here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Having Fun in Our Own Area

Sometimes its just fun to go to places around your own home. This past Sunday we visited Buffaloland and a local wildlife sanctuary.

Buffaloland was a bit of a bust as we saw not even one Buffalo but the kids still had fun running about and checking out the lookout. The wildlife sanctuary more than made up for it. There were lovely paths to walk down, a bridge to throw sticks from and a floating gazebo to watch all the Canada Geese. The kids loved the geese coming right over and checking us out.

Nate and the goose checking each other out.

All the geese making their way over to say hello.

Such a beautiful spot.

The kids making their way into Buffaloland...this was supposed to be the first picture but for whatever reason Blogger has screwed up the order of my pictures and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. :)
And a Canada Goose.

Today, the kiddos and I went to Roma. This was a French settlement that was established in 1732. It is a beautiful spot and the kids really enjoyed it. They have a fair amount of artifacts to look at and period costumes you can try on, children's toys that you can actually play with and you can purchase loaves of bread or cookies or if you like you can stop in for lunch. We had a picnic lunch and walked one of the trails. The kids were delighted. They loved the trails and the toys the best but also enjoyed checking out all the neat artifacts.

Emma-Lyn in her period costume. The guide informed us that all children under the age of 7 would have worn dresses. At the age of 7 they were considered mini adults and thus dressed as adults.

The kiddos playing on a bench.

Sean trying out writing with a quill. :)

Emma-Lyn loved the little tea set.

And Sean dressed as a dashing young Frenchman. :)

My Best Friend Got Married!!!

This past Saturday my bestie, Jennie MacKinnon married her best friend Troy Barton. It was a great day! All the days leading up to it were definitely worth it. A bunch of us helped set up the reception area and had great time doing it. We enjoyed putting programs and pew markers together. Marko, Sean and myself were all in the wedding. I was the Matron of Honour, Marko was a groomsman and Sean was the ring bearer. Sean was very excited to be a ring bearer and did a great job.
So happy to have the ceremony behind them, now to enjoy the rest of the day!! :)

Me and my best friend! :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of Sean in his little suit. :( Hoping someone else might have and will put it up on Facebook.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sean's First DVBS

This past week Sean spent every morning at Daily Vacation Bible School at our church. He just loved it! He had a great time making crafts, memorizing scripture, and singing songs. There was one song in particular that really stuck with him and he would sing it around the house in the afternoons. Here is the video of the song "Salvation" at the closing on Friday.

Sean is right in the middle in the orange shirt. Emma-Lyn decided when we got there that she should sing with the kids so up she went. :)

Sean was thrilled when he won 2nd prize for points (they got points for being there each day, bringing a friend and memorizing scripture). He was thrilled! He got a gift certificate for Owl's Hollow which is a toy store in Charlottetown. He's been going nuts about getting a set for his cars so maybe we can get that for him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time For Some Videos

Well, it seems I am not so good at this updating stuff and I thought that maybe if I posted some videos I took of things we did and places we went, maybe that would here's to video number one.

This was our trip to the Elmira Train Station. PEI hasn't had a working railway system for decades so this was a nice way to see what the railway was like in its heyday. The kids loved the mini train ride and I have to say I was quite impressed with it myself. I thought it was just going to be a rinky dink type deal but, they had tunnels and murals and painted wooden woodland creatures to look for.

Our next clip is from our little excursion to Panmure Beach. The kids had a great time splashing in the water and digging in the sand. I was just so glad to sit on the beach and listen to the waves and to breathe the wonderful salty sea air!

And this clip is Sean jumping in the waves:

The next clip is quite short but I think its also quite cute! We went to Anne of Green Gables National Park with the Homeschoolers group. It was a wonderful time and so nice to be able to go in for free. They started a fun new program there that encourages kids to explore the park and when they do they receive a certificate and key chain as a souvenir of their trip. Nate really enjoyed the big plastic cow--I think it was his favourite because he loves to make the MOOO noise! :)

And finally we have a baseball clip. Sean has started his first organized sport this summer! And he is loving it! Its all pretty basic stuff, learning to run the bases and how to catch a ball with a mitt and batting a ball. This clip is of Sean and his best friend Abby running from second base to home.

And those videos kinda give you a little peek into what we've been doing lately.

Monday, July 04, 2011

So Much For Catching Up Eh?

How did I let this happen?!

Finally the summer weather showed up and apparently my brain decided to go on vacation! Speaking of vacations, Sean is done his first official year of homeschooling! I am so proud of him! He has done a great job.

In other news my wonderful friend Amanda Longmoore came to visit. The kids were very excited to have her over. I think they may almost love her as much as I do...almost. They insisted that Amanda do the reading for bedtime and that she come upstairs for songs and hugs and kisses! Too funny. After the kiddos were in bed, she and I headed over the cottage she was sharing with her friend Dodie. The three of us had a grand time chatting and playing Dutch Blitz. My how I LOVE that game! We made plans to go to Orwell Corner the next day with the kiddos.

Sean and Emma-Lyn were thrilled to go on a field trip. Orwell Corner is a little historic village that has a blacksmith shop, a general store and post office, church, school and farm animals. The kids LOVED the animals. We spent a lot of time in the barns. After we had done the whole site we all went back to the cottages. The kids were getting a wee bit stir crazy so Amanda and I took them for a walk along the beach. Sean decided to start a rock and shell collection, while Nate thought it would be a good idea to start collecting driftwood! He found and took off with the biggest piece of driftwood I've ever seen! :)

I'm going to stop here, and hopefully I'll update again on Wednesday and Friday!! Anyone reading this and who is my friend on Facebook, feel free to remind me of this! :)

Now for the pictures:

First up, the more comical group shots:

Amanda being conscripted into doing all the reading for bedtime. I'm sure Sean is thinking, "That's not how the story goes when Daddy reads it..."

At Orwell Corner:

Amanda: "I love this thing, please guys can I just have one more turn?"
Sean: "You've had enough turns, theres lots of stuff for adults over there!!"

Dodie showing us how to get water the old timey way.

Emma-Lyn giving it all she's got!

Those are some nice looking choppers you've got there!!

Nate, the Rooster Whisperer.

I wonder if she'll ever figure this one out!

Peek-a-Boo Kitty.

We also know Dodie as the Goat Whisperer.

"So what did ya tell her eh? What was that? You can tell me!"

Now for the more artsy fartsy photos.

Saw this in one of the barns.

At the blacksmith's.

Pretty rose.

At the General Store.

View from one of the homes.

The bunny family.

Nate and his big stick! Love this shot.