Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Having Fun in Our Own Area

Sometimes its just fun to go to places around your own home. This past Sunday we visited Buffaloland and a local wildlife sanctuary.

Buffaloland was a bit of a bust as we saw not even one Buffalo but the kids still had fun running about and checking out the lookout. The wildlife sanctuary more than made up for it. There were lovely paths to walk down, a bridge to throw sticks from and a floating gazebo to watch all the Canada Geese. The kids loved the geese coming right over and checking us out.

Nate and the goose checking each other out.

All the geese making their way over to say hello.

Such a beautiful spot.

The kids making their way into Buffaloland...this was supposed to be the first picture but for whatever reason Blogger has screwed up the order of my pictures and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. :)
And a Canada Goose.

Today, the kiddos and I went to Roma. This was a French settlement that was established in 1732. It is a beautiful spot and the kids really enjoyed it. They have a fair amount of artifacts to look at and period costumes you can try on, children's toys that you can actually play with and you can purchase loaves of bread or cookies or if you like you can stop in for lunch. We had a picnic lunch and walked one of the trails. The kids were delighted. They loved the trails and the toys the best but also enjoyed checking out all the neat artifacts.

Emma-Lyn in her period costume. The guide informed us that all children under the age of 7 would have worn dresses. At the age of 7 they were considered mini adults and thus dressed as adults.

The kiddos playing on a bench.

Sean trying out writing with a quill. :)

Emma-Lyn loved the little tea set.

And Sean dressed as a dashing young Frenchman. :)

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