Monday, July 18, 2011

Sean's First DVBS

This past week Sean spent every morning at Daily Vacation Bible School at our church. He just loved it! He had a great time making crafts, memorizing scripture, and singing songs. There was one song in particular that really stuck with him and he would sing it around the house in the afternoons. Here is the video of the song "Salvation" at the closing on Friday.

Sean is right in the middle in the orange shirt. Emma-Lyn decided when we got there that she should sing with the kids so up she went. :)

Sean was thrilled when he won 2nd prize for points (they got points for being there each day, bringing a friend and memorizing scripture). He was thrilled! He got a gift certificate for Owl's Hollow which is a toy store in Charlottetown. He's been going nuts about getting a set for his cars so maybe we can get that for him.

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