Monday, July 04, 2011

So Much For Catching Up Eh?

How did I let this happen?!

Finally the summer weather showed up and apparently my brain decided to go on vacation! Speaking of vacations, Sean is done his first official year of homeschooling! I am so proud of him! He has done a great job.

In other news my wonderful friend Amanda Longmoore came to visit. The kids were very excited to have her over. I think they may almost love her as much as I do...almost. They insisted that Amanda do the reading for bedtime and that she come upstairs for songs and hugs and kisses! Too funny. After the kiddos were in bed, she and I headed over the cottage she was sharing with her friend Dodie. The three of us had a grand time chatting and playing Dutch Blitz. My how I LOVE that game! We made plans to go to Orwell Corner the next day with the kiddos.

Sean and Emma-Lyn were thrilled to go on a field trip. Orwell Corner is a little historic village that has a blacksmith shop, a general store and post office, church, school and farm animals. The kids LOVED the animals. We spent a lot of time in the barns. After we had done the whole site we all went back to the cottages. The kids were getting a wee bit stir crazy so Amanda and I took them for a walk along the beach. Sean decided to start a rock and shell collection, while Nate thought it would be a good idea to start collecting driftwood! He found and took off with the biggest piece of driftwood I've ever seen! :)

I'm going to stop here, and hopefully I'll update again on Wednesday and Friday!! Anyone reading this and who is my friend on Facebook, feel free to remind me of this! :)

Now for the pictures:

First up, the more comical group shots:

Amanda being conscripted into doing all the reading for bedtime. I'm sure Sean is thinking, "That's not how the story goes when Daddy reads it..."

At Orwell Corner:

Amanda: "I love this thing, please guys can I just have one more turn?"
Sean: "You've had enough turns, theres lots of stuff for adults over there!!"

Dodie showing us how to get water the old timey way.

Emma-Lyn giving it all she's got!

Those are some nice looking choppers you've got there!!

Nate, the Rooster Whisperer.

I wonder if she'll ever figure this one out!

Peek-a-Boo Kitty.

We also know Dodie as the Goat Whisperer.

"So what did ya tell her eh? What was that? You can tell me!"

Now for the more artsy fartsy photos.

Saw this in one of the barns.

At the blacksmith's.

Pretty rose.

At the General Store.

View from one of the homes.

The bunny family.

Nate and his big stick! Love this shot.

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