Monday, August 29, 2011

Sean's Last Baseball Game of the Season

He had such a great time playing ball this summer! He can't wait to do it again next summer. He was really thrilled with getting a medal at the end of it too. He'd like to do something over the fall and winter so now we're looking at swimming lessons. We live close by to a public pool which should make things fairly easy.

I've been busy putting together a bookcase for Marko's office and reorganizing our books this week. As well we've gone through the kids' clothing and got rid of a lot of excess stuff, next up is our closet. We're getting geared up for the upcoming school year. Had the first homeschooler's meeting this past Thursday. It was great to reconnect and get pumped for the upcoming year. I still have some planning and sorting to do but I'm really looking forward to getting started. My good friend Jackie who is from Quebec is going to be teaching Sean and her own daughter French this year. It's just going to be some basic stuff which will be nice.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Parade, A Ride on the River and A Trip Home

This Friday was the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade in Charlottetown. The kids were uber excited to be going. Thankfully our good friend Bonnie went early and was able to secure some great seats! We all had a great time together. Nate LOVED the bands. The little lad was bopping right along and was just the picture of joy!

Also his Daddy seemed to be enjoying himself as well! :)

That very afternoon we went with Marko's boss for a ride out on the water. Kevan had promised me ride on his sailboat for several years and finally today was to be it...except that I had a choice, I could go on the sailboat or go on the FRC (fast rescue craft) And while I loved the idea of sailing peacefully on the Montague river in a lovely sailboat; the speed and maneuverability of the FRC couldn't be matched.

So here is our ride. What an amazing time!! We did doughnuts in the harbour! It was hilarious! So exhilarating! We went out the Montague river and down the Brudenell river and out to Boughton Island.

That evening when we probably should have been packing for NS, we had a fun evening of games with Brian and Bonnie.

Saturday morning came early and up and away we went trying to remember everything we'd need. I had packed the suitcase so it was just the little details that we had to remember to load in the Nate's booster seat which was promptly forgotten. At any rate we made it to the Ferry in time.

We got to mom and dad's in time for lunch. We had a great visit there. They have such a lovely spot there. You can really unwind and enjoy the view of the countryside. At snack time my mom came out with Indian Curry Shrimp and they were amazing! So yummy--even Nate decided to give them a go...
And would you believe that he liked them!

That night we had a little campfire down by the pond where we sang songs, chatted and roasted marshmellows for our S'mores. The kids enjoyed every minute of it, especially the roasting of marshmellows.

The next day we went to the Fisheries Museum in Pictou. They have a great spot there. We all got a chance to hold a blue lobster! Emma-Lyn decided that she was not interested in touching one but would look on in disgust.

I couldn't resist getting Marko to hold the lobster as he does not enjoy shellfish whatsoever. He was not impressed.
And I just petted it like an old friend.

After the museum we checked out the Lobster Hatchery and the Lighthouse Museum. They were all fairly close together. The kids loved the Lighthouse Museum because they had food there! There was a dish of cookies and loaf that the kids picked at. We got around the corner and then the first thing we heard was , "Can we go back to the lighthouse?" "Why?" "I'd like another cookie!" Such funny kiddos.

And here they are in their fishing boats! Emma-Lyn picked the one from PEI...but that's probably because it's pink!

We had such a good time in NS it was hard to leave. Looking forward to our next visit!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Days

It seems that every day is filled with its own busyness and we have really enjoyed it. The kids find games to play in the yard and in the house to play together, there are little trips around our area and relaxing times here at home.

This past week was a bit of a blur as I was preparing for my first big gig. I did a wedding photoshoot. While it was stressful in some ways, in other ways it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I had a great couple to work with and the day was warm and sunny unlike most other days this summer. I met some really lovely people and came home with a LOT of photos! The wedding was in Fort Augustus so the kids came with me one afternoon to check out the church. It was huge! They loved exploring it while I talked with the mother of the bride about the ceremony. I have most of my photos ready and have a little sneak peek for you at the end of this post.

Its hard to believe that Sean has just 3 baseball games left for the summer. He has enjoyed it so much. Emma-Lyn has also enjoyed these nights out to the ball diamond as she has had the opportunity to make a little friend and play with her on the playground during the games.

Marko and I even got to go on a date this weekend which was just delightful. Marko found a lovely Heritage road to go exploring on. There was even a pond that we were able to walk around and enjoy together. We went to Cardigan for supper at the Cape Light Restaurant. It was wonderful. I had the most delicious baby back ribs ever! And Marko enjoyed chicken cordon bleu.

This Friday is the big Gold Cup and Saucer Parade which the kids are really looking forward to and then afterwards Marko and I get to go sailing! Then we are hoping to head to the mainland for the weekend. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Halfway Through Summer...

I can hardly believe that we're halfway through summer already! We've had a great time even if the weather hasn't always cooperated. It has been a mostly wet and cool summer but whenever we got those nice hot summer days we enjoyed them as much as we could.

This week on the cooler and wet days we puttered around in the house. I finally got around to taking the rest of the bathroom wallpaper. We now have a lavender, lime green and cotton candy pink bathroom...Not that we want it that way, its just what was left after all the wallpaper was gone. There are quite a few faults in the walls that will need some attention before we slap on some paint and beadboard.

On the warmer days we've had baseball practice, excursions to the MacPhail Homestead and Roma beach and went raspberry picking and finally a visit with relatives from Holland and Nova Scotia. Its so much fun to play tourist in your own area. I am so delighted to discover all kinds of great nature trails and heritage areas so close to home. The children have loved going exploring and finding rocks and twigs and whatever else takes their fancy.

Even this week we've been to Bonshaw and Fort Augustus. So thankful that tomorrow is a stay at home day. I'm hoping to make some raspberry jam and maybe just relax and cuddle with my kiddos.

The kids have so enjoyed the sprinkler! Whenever the sun comes out they want the sprinkler out too.

This is from one of the trails at the MacPhail Homestead. Such a beautiful spot. Can't wait to go there throughout the year!

Just really like this shot of the kids.

Mmmmm, raspberries!

Roma beach. Another beautiful spot.

Nate really enjoyed visiting with family from Away. :)

Monday, August 01, 2011

U2 Concert!

This past Saturday Marko and I and our friends, all 80,000 of them went to Moncton for the U2 concert! What a blast! We left Montague at 8, got to Brian and Bonnie's a little after 8:30, dropped their kids at his folks' place, then we were off to pick up Mike and Nancy. We had a great drive over and made it to Moncton for 11. We thought we'd go to Don Cherry's for lunch, but as it turns out, its no longer there. We ended up at the Pumphouse instead, which was great since the food was fantastic! The guys all had buffalo burgers (made with real buffalo!) for lunch.

We got to Magnetic Hill a little before 2 and began our wait in line in the rain. It wasn't that bad though and thankfully it was a warm rain. The gates opened at 3 and we made it in there around 4. We made a mad dash for the front and came within 15 feet of the catwalk! So cool. Then we waited until 6 for the first band to take the stage. Thankfully the rain stopped by then and we were lucky enough to be standing on solid ground rather than muddy field.

Both Carney and Arcade Fire were great. We enjoyed them but were really excited to see U2. They came out after 9:30 and, WOW, what a show they put on! They didn't finish up till after 12! And man, the crowd was amazing! I've never been in such a huge crowd of people!

We knew that when we got back to the van that we'd probably have to push it out, and boys did we ever. I fell in the mud and the van was ever so stuck. We had hoped to get a tow out but, the guy that was going to do it, couldn't find a good point to tow it from so we came up with a plan B and ended up pushing the van backwards and then back up on ground that hadn't become complete muddy mush. It was after 2 by the time we got out of the parking lot!! Marko and I finally walked through our own door at 5:45 am!!! We were so exhausted! I just fell into bed to get what sleep I could before the kids got up!! :)
The Claw!
Our group waiting in line. Left to right are: Marko, Mike, Nancy, Bonnie and Brian.


Dude fixing the LED lighting.

The crowd playing with one of the many beach balls.

Arcade Fire.

The massive crowd!

I took this picture because of the number of tour cities left! Moncton was their last stop!

Two figther jets passed over just before U2 came on.

Me and Marko.


The tractor pulling folks out of the mud! :)