Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Halfway Through Summer...

I can hardly believe that we're halfway through summer already! We've had a great time even if the weather hasn't always cooperated. It has been a mostly wet and cool summer but whenever we got those nice hot summer days we enjoyed them as much as we could.

This week on the cooler and wet days we puttered around in the house. I finally got around to taking the rest of the bathroom wallpaper. We now have a lavender, lime green and cotton candy pink bathroom...Not that we want it that way, its just what was left after all the wallpaper was gone. There are quite a few faults in the walls that will need some attention before we slap on some paint and beadboard.

On the warmer days we've had baseball practice, excursions to the MacPhail Homestead and Roma beach and went raspberry picking and finally a visit with relatives from Holland and Nova Scotia. Its so much fun to play tourist in your own area. I am so delighted to discover all kinds of great nature trails and heritage areas so close to home. The children have loved going exploring and finding rocks and twigs and whatever else takes their fancy.

Even this week we've been to Bonshaw and Fort Augustus. So thankful that tomorrow is a stay at home day. I'm hoping to make some raspberry jam and maybe just relax and cuddle with my kiddos.

The kids have so enjoyed the sprinkler! Whenever the sun comes out they want the sprinkler out too.

This is from one of the trails at the MacPhail Homestead. Such a beautiful spot. Can't wait to go there throughout the year!

Just really like this shot of the kids.

Mmmmm, raspberries!

Roma beach. Another beautiful spot.

Nate really enjoyed visiting with family from Away. :)

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