Monday, August 01, 2011

U2 Concert!

This past Saturday Marko and I and our friends, all 80,000 of them went to Moncton for the U2 concert! What a blast! We left Montague at 8, got to Brian and Bonnie's a little after 8:30, dropped their kids at his folks' place, then we were off to pick up Mike and Nancy. We had a great drive over and made it to Moncton for 11. We thought we'd go to Don Cherry's for lunch, but as it turns out, its no longer there. We ended up at the Pumphouse instead, which was great since the food was fantastic! The guys all had buffalo burgers (made with real buffalo!) for lunch.

We got to Magnetic Hill a little before 2 and began our wait in line in the rain. It wasn't that bad though and thankfully it was a warm rain. The gates opened at 3 and we made it in there around 4. We made a mad dash for the front and came within 15 feet of the catwalk! So cool. Then we waited until 6 for the first band to take the stage. Thankfully the rain stopped by then and we were lucky enough to be standing on solid ground rather than muddy field.

Both Carney and Arcade Fire were great. We enjoyed them but were really excited to see U2. They came out after 9:30 and, WOW, what a show they put on! They didn't finish up till after 12! And man, the crowd was amazing! I've never been in such a huge crowd of people!

We knew that when we got back to the van that we'd probably have to push it out, and boys did we ever. I fell in the mud and the van was ever so stuck. We had hoped to get a tow out but, the guy that was going to do it, couldn't find a good point to tow it from so we came up with a plan B and ended up pushing the van backwards and then back up on ground that hadn't become complete muddy mush. It was after 2 by the time we got out of the parking lot!! Marko and I finally walked through our own door at 5:45 am!!! We were so exhausted! I just fell into bed to get what sleep I could before the kids got up!! :)
The Claw!
Our group waiting in line. Left to right are: Marko, Mike, Nancy, Bonnie and Brian.


Dude fixing the LED lighting.

The crowd playing with one of the many beach balls.

Arcade Fire.

The massive crowd!

I took this picture because of the number of tour cities left! Moncton was their last stop!

Two figther jets passed over just before U2 came on.

Me and Marko.


The tractor pulling folks out of the mud! :)


Sarah said...

Looks like it was an awesome time!! I love the pumphouse myself and make a point of eating there when in Moncton :)

Mary E said...

warm rain... I love it! Gotta look on the bright side.
My sister was there too (didn't you see her?) and she said it was great. Glad you had fun getting the car out...