Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Field Trip and a Visit with Baba and Deda

This past week has been a busy one. Sean and I enjoyed a field trip out to Dalvay with the homeschoolers group. The kids had a great time learning about the flora and fauna of Island beaches as well as pond life. Sean even got the chance to do some net dipping to see what kind of critters live in a pond.

The very next day was even more exciting as Deda and Baba (Grampa and Gramma in Yugoslavian) came to visit from BC. We are so happy to have them here and enjoy family time together. The kids have loved getting to know their family better. They have each gone on little outings with them and have totally taken advantage of having more adults to read to them! :) Today they received lovely presents from them. Tomorrow we're going to St.Peter's with Baba for a picnic and a nature hike. Should be a lot of fun. This past weekend my folks also popped in for a visit so it was extra nice to have the whole house full of family for the day.

Another very exciting thing has happened as well, Sean has lost his very first tooth!! He was eating his cornflakes for breakfast Sunday morning and pop, it came out! I could hardly believe it! So in celebration of this huge occasion we all went out for supper at Pizza Delight. No tooth fairy here (never really could understand why we should pay off our kids for used up body parts) I'd rather give my children my time, quality time together as a family celebrating these big milestones in each of our lives.

A sanderling on Dalvay beach.

Sean net dipping in the pond.

Baba and the kiddos reading.

So great to have everyone together.

The big boy with his lost tooth.

Nate enjoying his chocolate pudding at Pizza Delight.

And the kiddos opening their gifts from Deda and Baba

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