Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our First Field Trip

Today after regular school stuff the students at Peric Academy headed out for their first class field trip. We packed a picnic lunch and headed out to the Old MacPhail Homestead. We enjoyed a very beautiful summery type day down on the homestead. We quickly ate our lunch and then headed down the trails for some nature fun. We picked up some leaves to put into our Nature scrapbooks and just had a great time exploring.

I'm pretty sure Sean would tell you his least favourite part of the trip was when he fell in the water. But I have to say it was so funny. He recovered well and didn't get too bent out of shape when we had to pass by a tour group. When we got home it was getting late so tomorrow we'll spend some time working on our nature scrapbooks.

Taking a break on the bench.

A very busy little bee.

One of the many informative signs along the trail.

The kids wanted to try for a group shot...this was the best one I got!

The fuzzy caterpillar that Emma-Lyn discovered and really, really wanted to throw in the water. Sean was the rescuer and found a safe home for the little guy.

I Love this place! So beautiful, can't wait to come back again when the trees have turned colours.

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Mom D said...

Just having a boo at your blog - you do a lovely job and have many great pics. You make me all jealous and bring back happy memories of time with my kids. They grow up fast and I love to see you so enjoying the moment -- well, most moments :) Good for you!