Monday, October 24, 2011

Are You Ready For This...

Cause I'm pretty sure I wasn't! We just managed to get through a pretty wild weekend filled with thrills and spills and way more puke than I ever want to see. I should warn you now that if you are the squeamish type then this might not be the post for you. That being said there is a happy ending so if you just bear with me, you might just enjoy the read.

The 'fun' really started the weekend before. On Sunday evening after church we were at a friend's house for their housewarming party. The kids had a great time. They got to eat lots of food, stay up late and play with other children. The morning after was a bit of a different picture. Sean got up and threw up in the toilet. I chalked it up to the craziness of the night before and didn't think much of it. He was fine the rest of the day.

Then came Tuesday and the day had been bright and beautiful. That is up until supper time when Nate decided to stuff his face full and guzzle way too much juice at one time which as you might be guessing caused for some impressive vomit! Right at the But again, it seemed kinda random and there was no temperature so figured all was fine. That is until we got him up the next morning and the poor thing had gotten sick over night...ICK. But he was in good spirits and ate his breakfast with no ill effects. So off to Bible Study we went. And everything was wonderful until Nate once again stuffed his face and took off running...guess what--he barfed! Yippeee! Thankfully though, that was the end of it.

Or so we thought. Lets jump to 4 am on Saturday, we wake up to Sean calling out that Emma-Lyn has thrown up in her bed. And whaddya know she did! So time to clean more puke and usher her into the bathroom. At this point I am trying very hard to find reasons to be thankful, like "hey, at least its on the bed and not on the carpet." or "she doesn't seem to be continuing so maybe this is it."

We all ate breakfast and everything seemed back to normal so we figured we'd stick with our plans and head into town. We visited Marko's Nanny first then we popped into a thrift shop to look for costumes for the Murder Mystery Party we're going to on Wednesday night, then we went to the Superstore for lunch, did a pop into the Farmer's Market, then off to the Value Village for more costume hunting and finally we found ourselves on our way home. Emma-Lyn pipes up in the back seat with these ominous words, "My stomach hurts..." And without further ado she promptly up chucks all over herself--twice. Sean is freaking out now because some of it is on him! We calm him down and tell him we're not far from a gas station where we will get everything sorted out.

Once we are at the gas station both Marko and Sean rush in to find some paper towel. I head for the backseat to see what I can toss onto the ground to begin the cleaning. I unhook Emma-Lyn's seatbelt but, can't do anything else until the boys get back with some paper towel. Again I find myself looking for reasons to be thankful. This time we're thankful that we weren't far from a gas station, I'm very thankful that neither Sean nor Nate end up barfing in sympathy. (something I had a propensity for doing when I was younger when my sister got sick) Also thankful that we have a blanket that we put over the back seat of the car so that everything is contained. I am thankful that the kids' car seats have washable covers. By this time the boys come back with paper towel and the cleaning begins. I get Emma-Lyn out and she's happy to be out and getting cleaned up. We let the kids play on the grass while we finish cleaning up. In the trunk we find a vest that Emma-Lyn can wear for the ride home and a blanket we can put across their seats...again ever so thankful for that.

From there it was all clear sailing. At home Emma-Lyn got changed, we cleaned out the car completely and got things into the washing machine...PHEW! Supper was uneventful... thankfully. And so that brings us to playtime...the time just before bed time. Nate was in bed by this time as per usual and I'm awful thankful he was. Because as Marko was horsing around with the kiddos, all of a sudden we hear this great gush of water! We both took off for the kitchen. Me, all the while yelling, "What is happening?!!" Marko, heads straight for the basement to shut off the water. I run to the kitchen and discover the hole in the tube to the washing machine. I foolishly try to cover it with my finger and really, I don't think I've ever attempted something so useless in my life! It did exactly nothing to help the situation! In the meantime the kids are freaking out and starting to cry. Marko gets the water shut off so now we re-group. We send the kids into the living room to play while we try to figure out what to do. With some effort we were able to move the washing machine to see if there was a shut off near it--no such thing I'm afraid. So Marko heads downstairs again to look for another shut off. The kids in the meantime are dearly wanting to help out so we send them upstairs for towels to help in the clean up.

Marko finds another shut off--problem is it's a little difficult to get to. We have a clay basement and while one part you can maneuver fairly easily, the other area is strictly crawl space--guess where the shut off was?! So, I got to get my grubby clothes on and crawl around the pipes and such to the shut off. Great, got that done, head back upstairs to see if we got the right one. Marko turns the main water line back on and GUSH!! Water everywhere, right in my face since I was hovering right over the stupid thing! Back down I go to try the tap the other way. This time we ask Sean to watch for water. We tell the boy to scream if he sees any...Marko turns the water back on... Sean screams bloody blue murder up there. We yell at Sean not to scream (theres some great parenting for ya!!) Now I try the other tap. We ask Sean to watch for water, the lad is more than hesitant to take us up on this but he follows through anyways...This time no water!! We got it! Out from the crawl space I come and we finish cleaning up the mess. The rest of bed time goes off without a hitch...PHEW

Once back downstairs, Marko and I are thankful that everything is okay and that we don't have any puke to clean up. Not even a minute later and we hear Sean yell down the stairs, "Emma-Lyn is puking in her bed!!!" Seriously?! Seriously. Up we go, Marko takes her to the bathroom to clean her up while I clean the bed and the carpet. One more time we put them to bed in the hopes that we have seen the end of it. We sit back down on the couch and just laugh.

In the morning Marko stays home with Emma-Lyn just to be on the safe side. She did manage to woof her cookies one more time in the toilet, but thankfully that was the final time! After church Marko ran into town to get the replacement hose for the washer. While I took Sean and Emma-Lyn to swimming lessons, he got it hooked back up. I headed back down to the basement to turn the water back on and hope that we got everything settled properly. And we did!! My husband is a superhero!!

All is well that ends well. And in case you are wondering what my husband's perspective on this chain of events is, check out his post on dontmindme.comLink


Anonymous said...

Lol when i read the title, i thought maybe you had an " announcement" to make! Sorry you had to deal with so much puke...
K. G.

Mary E said...

Sounds like the washing machine was overflowing in sympathy with the kids!