Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving in Nova Scotia

On Sunday morning we headed on over to the mainland for Thanksgiving with the Hopes. The kids were super excited, they love traveling on the ferry. The ride was smooth and we had brought Superstore doughnuts with us for snacks (if you haven't tried them, you really should, they are amazing!!) We met some friends and chatted for a bit and also met some of the people on the tour group from Michigan. One of my favourite parts of going on the boat is to talk to people and find out where they're from and that kind of thing.

We landed at the homestead at about 11 and the kids were in the house and playing with what used to be Karina my toys on the dinning room floor. The rest of us got comfy in the living room and chatted away. After lunch, we headed out on a little hike in the back fields. Nate and Marko stayed home. Nate needed a nap and Marko's back was bothering him. I love walking through the fields and down past the ravine. It is just so quiet and peaceful. The children had a grand time scooting about, tossing rocks in the water and climbing over branches. We hiked for over an hour and through some difficult spots, lots of ducking and climbing through brush. I was amazed, the kiddos never complained about being tired or needing to be picked up. They were quite the troopers.

Once home, we were all ready for a rest. Grampa pulled out the chairs from the shed and we all sat out on the lawn enjoying the lovely weather and munching on some snacks that Gramma put together for us. It was such a marvelous day. I am so thankful to be able to bring the children to such a wonderful spot and just totally drink in the beauty, the peace and relaxation. As soon as you get there you can almost feel any stress you might have had slip away as you look all around you at the country side.

We had the kiddos have their Thanksgiving supper first so that the adults could enjoy their supper without having to pick up dropped forks and whatnot. That night Sean and Emma-Lyn got to camp out in Gramma's office while Nate began his sleep in Gramma and Grampa's room but would end up later in the dinning room. The kids did a great job, after a bit of a case of the sillies, they settled in and had a good sleep, Nate made a great transition from having to be woken up in Grampa's room to moving down to the dinning room--not even a peep.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast, as soon as Grampa came down the kiddos ran out to the mailbox with him to get the newspaper (this is one of their favourite things to do) We had a relaxing morning. Marko and I took the kids to a local park for a bit before lunch. After lunch we went for another walk up the road. This time it was Marko and I, the kids minus Nate who was napping at the time, Grampa Hope and Auntie Karina. This was a much easier walk and just as nice as our last one.

We headed back to the Island at 4. We had the "good" boat this time and had a great trip back. Once we were in the door, we fed the kids and threw them into bed. They were all tuckered out from a great weekend away. We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for.

One of the streams along our hiking trail.

Oooh, I forgot to mention our little expedition down to the pond to check out the fish...we also caught this little salamander.

The kids thought he was pretty neat.

The house and surrounding countryside...Just LOVE it!!!

Early morning run out to the mailbox. :)


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Laura,
that was my grandmother's name. I had caught up on Blogs I follow and just decided to hit Next Blog at the top and see what came up. Do you ever do that? I hadn't in a long time. Anyway your blog came up. I enjoyed reading this post. It was lovely.
Mama Bear
Alabama, USA

Laura said...

Hi Mama Bear,

I admit, that I too will every once in a while click the Next Blog thingy and see what comes up...can be interesting for sure! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!