Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Big Snow Has Landed

Finally a big ol' dump of snow has found it's way to my part of the world.  We've had a couple light dustings  here and there, but this thing is major!  It started around noon and now it's 9:30 and still going!  We're expecting around 15 cms of snow once everything is said and done.  The kids are loving it!  I even enjoyed it.  I had a slow cooker cranberry pork roast simmering away and the aromas were heavenly, add to that some quiet Celtic Christmas music, the lightly falling snow and I felt like I was living in a Christmas card...That is until the kids came traipsing in the house with their snow covered snow suits and boots...then things just started feeling a lot more slushy.  Still, their bright rosy cheeks and dimpled smiles were hard to resist.

It was such a lovely time.  As I was puttering about listening to the music and thinking about Christmas, I got a little nostalgic.  A song came on that reminded me of my Uncle John Hope, unfortunately, I can't remember which song it was but, I could remember hearing my uncle laugh (I just love his laugh, its so infectious) and that got me to remembering the Hope family Christmas get togethers at our house in Ontario.  I LOVED those get togethers.  There was so much hustle and bustle and that was even before the aunts and uncles showed up!  My sister and I had a grand time entertaining our extended family.  There was just so much to enjoy, although I'm not sure if many of us enjoyed wearing the silly paper hats that came out of  our Chirstmas crackers!  I loved being around my aunts and uncles.  There seemed to be a lot of them, I mean there was Uncle Barry and Aunt Mary Jane, Uncle John and Auntie Gwen, Auntie Fran, and Uncle Max and Aunt Karen.

Some of them I knew better than others like Uncle Max and Aunt Karen.  We used to pop over to their house fairly often.  My uncle Max reminds me the most of my own dad.  They have the same loud laugh and until a few years ago had pretty near the same hair style (lets just say my dad's hair line is thinning quicker) oh, and there's the bushy eyebrows they both have.  Aunt Karen was great, she was quieter and easy to talk to.  Uncle Max thought I was weird for peeling a grape once (which I was) but he seemed genuinely impressed when I told him my first bowling score--it was 46 or something like that, I don't quite remember I was like 10 or so at the time.  Also, I nearly killed him.  I was a girl guide at the time and we had made gingerbread cookies one night at meeting. The meeting was at the school that my uncle worked in, so I thoughtfully left him a cookie or two..Guess they're weren't so great... :)

Uncle John and Auntie Gwen were fairly close by too and I remember visiting and playing with their little dog. Uncle John always seemed so kind and had great teddy bear hugs that any niece would love to get wrapped up in.  My Auntie Gwen is diabetic and as a child I didn't know that but I did know that she had the coolest bracelet with red snakes on it.  And she and my Auntie Fran taught me how to play Waterloo rummy, now that's a good game!

Auntie Fran was always so interesting.  She has the same loud laugh and she had horses!!  That was cool!  I remember when she let my sister and I ride them, that was so much fun.  Another thing she always made to be exciting was the times when we would drive out of her condo's underground parkade.  As we drove up to the door she would instruct us to say, "Open Saysa  Me!" and like magic the doors would open.  Auntie Fran gave us magical powers!!   Also she seemed to have the strongest addiction to Coca-Cola---I feel like such a traitor for loving Pepsi the way I do. :)

And last but not least are Uncle Barry and Aunt Mary Jane.  They lived the farthest away and so I don't know them as well. But I sure do remember their pool!! It was amazing. I always loved going to visit them, or was it their pool I loved the most?!! Again, they were so easy to get along with and all of them loved to laugh and laughing loudly seemed the absolute best way to go about it!

I wish I had a picture to include of them all but alas I do not, seems that something should be done about that don't you agree? HINT HINT to any Hope relative reading this right now.  I'm sure it would make a lovely Chirstmas present for someone...:)  And don't tell me you couldn't find the address, call your brother Garry and he'll get Marianna to email it to you!!

Thank you to my Hope family for making the Christmases in Ontario so memorable.  I miss you all and love you sooooo much!  Merry Christmas to you all...I know, I know sill early yet ,but I had to get that hint in about the present so you'd have time to mail it eh?!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guess What I Did Today?

 I moved the furniture around in our master bedroom!  So fun!  And I love the way it looks and feels.  Before we used to have the dresser pushed up against the sloping wall but now we have the bed pushed up under it.  It really makes the room feel bigger and the best part is you don't actually smack your head against the wall when you get up.  (which was a concern of mine) I didn't take any photos of that so I don't have any to share with you but I do have some great shots of the walk we went on this past weekend.

It was a gorgeous afternoon so we thought it would be great to find a nice trail and go for a leisurely walk.  Well, I guess it was leisurely for Marko and I while the kids pretty much ran the entire time unless they were busy picking up rocks and tossing them into streams we walked by.  We have been so blessed with some delightful weather this month!  It was great to be able to get out there and enjoy it!

Now for the pictures,

 The kid is such a ham...Cute one though!

 Life isn't worth living unless you're running! :)

 And they're off..

 Okay, so sometimes I could get them to stop for a moment.

 But then they were off and running again!!

 This is by one of the streams we passed by.  The kids loved this!  So fascinated with tossing things into moving water!

 Like I said, they LOVE to run!

 A couple more silhouette shots.

And now how about a couple reflections,

Nate just loved this big truck!

 Me and my big boy Sean!

 Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture.

 And oh so many things right with this shot.

On the go.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

2 Birthdays!

 Yesterday was Marko and Nate's birthday.  I can hardly believe that Nate is already 2.  His speech has really picked up lately and he is very happy to tell anyone he meets that he is TWO!  And just so you know Marko is doing splendidly for a 36 year old! :)

I put together a surprise birthday party for him on Friday night.  I invited our gang out for dinner at the Swiss and then off to Brian and Bonnie's for games afterwards.  So many times I thought I was going to let the cat out of the bag.  I did end up having to tell him that I had something planned since we hit a bit of a glitch with the babysitting. It was so great to be with all our friends and enjoy the ever so yummy Festive dinner at the Swiss!

On Sunday we  all got the surprise of our lives when my parents landed on our doorstep!!  The last time I had spoken to them they weren't coming and now here they were on my doorstep!! I was so happy to see them.  We had a delightful visit and the kids thought it was awesome!  Grammie Peric and Auntie Linda joined us later for cake and presents.  It was a grand day indeed.

Yesterday as it was in fact the actual day of Marko and Nate's birth we had a lovely little family dinner at home.  The kids and I had fun decorating and making things special for the evening.

Then, just to keep the birthday momentum going for one more day, we went out for supper at  Pizza Delight tonight.  It was a treat for all of us, gotta love places that let the kids eat for free!! :)

 Nate filling his face with cake!

 Inspecting his Tonka truck flashlight.  This was a huge hit!!

 Introducing his Tonka to his Mater truck.

 Oooh I think he's in love.

 This was our outdoors inspired centerpiece for our supper table.

Welcome to the Peric Bistro!  On the menu we have succulent lamb sausages, served with long grain rice and a fresh garden salad and sparkling apple juice to drink!  :)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Little Late This Week...

 Did ya miss me? ;)  And I don't even have a good reason for not posting.  No big problems with kids plumbing or the house's so I certainly can't complain.  We actually went to a friend's farm where we harvested Jerusalem Artichokes.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.  We also got to see some really cute piglets as well as some adorable puppies.  There was a cute little chocolate brown one that just melted my heart.  The kids had a grand time running around and playing on hay bales and checking out all the livestock.  And now I have a 50 pound bag of those artichokes.  Apparently they're a lot like potatoes so we'll have to see what I can come up with in the kitchen.

I took the kiddos down to the waterfront on Friday to do a little impromptu photo shoot.  I love photography and had taken a wee break for a bit.  A friend of mine had invited me to do a photo blog where you post a picture a day, but I quickly got burnt out and ended up abandoning things and re-evaluating why I enjoy taking pictures.  While I've had my go at some professional type gigs, I don't feel that thats what I want to do with my photograpy, much better suited to someone with more time and more skills.  What I enjoy is just spotting images that I find interesting or at least feel that I could make interesting.  I especially love nature and trying to capture it with my little camera.  Its fun and something I can do with my family and even include them in it.  Hence the little photoshoot.  It was late afternoon so I was pretty sure of some good lighting.  I chose the waterfront because there's an old train turntable that is a really unique space. Plus the kids LOVE it there and could spend an entire day there I'm sure!

So here are some shots that I liked:

 Nate doing laps around the turntable.

 This was actually one of the last shots I took.  It was too precious to pass up.

 I love the view on the waterfront especially in the fall.  I feel very blessed to live so close to it!

 One of my favourite things about Autumn are the trees in all their colourful splendor.

 This kid is such a ham!! Just love him!

 My sweet little girly.

 What a clown!...Good set of teeth too!

 Just love sunsets.

 And there he goes again!

 I'd like to play around a bit more with silhouettes.

 Mr. King of the Turntable!

I really like shot because of the different textures.